Some Tips to Abide By to Stay Healthy While Flying

Catching that early morning flight or the one in the darkest of nights is sort of an exciting and exhilarating experience, especially when you are all set to take that long-planned and much-anticipated vacation. However, flying can also mean substantial health risks if you are not careful about the way you conduct and prepare yourself while taking that flight. Taking up the right precautions might not ensure that you shall stay protected from all the diseases that there are, but it can help reduce your chances of contracting them. You shall also find all the courage and confidence within you to venture on the long haul without the fear of viruses and germs bogging your down. Therefore, here are a few means of staying healthy that you must resort to when you have a plane to catch soon. 

Get Your Masks:

This point is absolutely non-negotiable, especially with the danger of contracting the pandemic COVID-19 looming large. Now, the Novel Coronavirus might come under control in good time, but that still is not a blank check for you to travel on flights without having your masks on. Airports and flights are a melting pot of several kinds of viruses and bacteria, and wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth can protect you from coming in contact with those pesky little microbes. Furthermore, these masks also help you keep dust and pollens away, and so anyone who has dust allergy can feel safe in crowded places. 

Drink Up (Not Alcohol or Caffeine):

You might be tempted to get some caffeine into your system to keep headaches at bay, or grab a glass of wine on international flights. But try to limit the intake of alcohol and caffeine to a bare minimum and instead provide your body with loads of water and healthy juices. Stay hydrated on a flight, especially the long ones because the optimum amount of water keeps your body active and clears your sinuses. It helps to keep the blood flowing optimally, and you shall be at ease. Plus, it would be the best if you could chuck drinking alcohol or caffeine at least a day prior to taking the flight. Too much of alcohol and caffeine can put pressure on your bladder and put you in discomfort while you are flying. 

Book a Seat that Provides Room to Stretch Your Limbs:

It shall be a wise decision on your part to book a seat on the flight that provides you with a decent leg-space. You would be able to stretch out a bit, and this is crucial if you have a long flight to endure. Compare the prices of seats offered by different airlines. Look through some travel agencies and see if you can find some invaluable information about booking the best flight seats on their blog. Comparing prices can help you save your money and can also get you the best seat available. Once you find the right place for you on the flight, make sure that you take regular breaks to stretch your arms and legs out. This will keep the blood flowing and keep your body healthy and make it capable of fighting the rise and fall in cabin pressure. 

Turn on the Switch for Air Circulation:

Here is a pro-tip that you can make use of while flying. It is essential to keep the air within the confines of the cabin flowing in the right order. Therefore, turn on the air circulation in the flight and help whatever dust and pollens that cannot be seen inside the cabin to stay away from you. Airlines might claim to make hygiene their priority. But you must understand that it is never possible to keep any place entirely free from germs, dust and pollens. Chances of contracting airborne diseases in the flight might be minimal, but there are chances still. Therefore, you must do everything at your disposal to keep airborne diseases at bay. Plus, the air circulation switch inside the cabin exists for the same reason. It helps circulate the air and keep you safe. If you feel too cold with the direct flow of air at you, turn the circulation switch to the other side. 


It is important to keep your health at the top of your priorities because if you are not healthy enough, you shall not be able to enjoy your vacation to its fullest. And it is not just about enjoying your vacation. With the kind of lives we lead, it is crucial to be aware of how our bodies function and do all that keeps our bodies and minds healthy. That is the only way to live a wholesome life. Therefore, even if it a flight that you have to catch, do not forget about your health in excitement. Resort to means that will make your journey comfortable and fight nuisances like the Novel Coronavirus.