Square Eyes TV Festival 2022

Oscar nominee Sir David Hare, DI Ray showrunner Maya Sondhi and reclusive horror author Garth Marenghi are just three of the names taking in part in the second edition of the Square Eyes TV festival this autumn at MAC.

Running from Fri 4 November to Sun 13 November, the second incarnation of the festival does what all second series do – doubles down on what made the first series great, with added ambition and more exciting guest stars.

Highlights include: –

Licking Hitler – award-winning writer Sir David Hare talks about Licking Hitler, his BAFTA winning 1978 Play For Today about a propaganda unit operating during WWII which was shot across the Midlands

Garth Marenghi – horror literature’s greatest living author and one-time TV star Garth Marenghi makes a rare public appearance to mark the release of his long-lost multi-volume epic TerrorTome.

DI Ray – showrunner Maya Sondhi joins us to talk about her work on the Birmingham filmed ITV series DI Ray alongside clips from the show.

Sooty: 70 Years On The Box – a day long event to celebrate the golden bear’s long career, with showings of rare episodes and guests including including Sooty producer Trevor Hill and puppeteer Ronnie Le Drew.

Brum On The Box with Chris & Cathy – authors Catherine O’Flynn and Chris Beanland guide you through the murky waters of archive Midlands TV, including local news curios and TSW game show That’s My Dog.

With 2022 marking both the BBC’s centenary and forty years since Channel 4 first appeared, you couldn’t ask for a better time to build on the success of last year’s Square Eyes TV festival, especially with more and more TV production coming to the Midlands. Whether you’re a casual gogglebox user or somebody who wants to step into the TV industry, Square Eyes is the place to be.” – David Baldwin, Festival Programmer

Visit macbirmingham.co.uk/squareeyesfestival to book now and find out more.