Stable Vegan Night review by Lou Woodley

I was very excited to learn that The Stable, already a prime favourite vegan hotspot, were launching a brand new Vegan night every first Monday of the month. I first got to know them when they were featured in Sinful Vegan because of their expertise in serving delicious vegan dishes. They really have thought of everything.

This evening was perfect for a Monday evening wind down after your first day back at work. It’s affordable, it’s chilled, comfortable and tasty. At only £12.50 for two tantalising courses PLUS a FREE salad bar & live entertainment, I did wonder if there was a catch.

And with top local acts such as Millie May & Call me Unique kick starting the party I was already looking forward to the next one before I’d sunk my first cider!

We arrived at The Stable for around 7pm, the place was already quite busy and had a instant warmth to the atmosphere. Jon as always was so welcoming and made us feel right at home. The music was playing, The ambiance was just right for a Monday, charming, relaxed but with a little fire in its belly!

I’ve had tempeh before and I have to say it’s never had a lasting impression on me until now.

So first things first, we ordered the cider tasting board, they have a wide range of ciders (all vegan) so this is a great way of sampling them without the sore head the next day! Our delicious cider board was closly followed by our starter of tempeh & tahini bites with thahini ranch dip.

I’ve had tempeh before and I have to say it’s never had a lasting impression on me until now. The texture was spot on, almost meaty (not dry) with a nice spicy kick to it, the dip complimented the dish perfectly too. For main we ordered the Vegan Greek Pizza and The totally Tempeh Salad (After the tempeh starter I was hooked!.) I’ve got to say, I’m not a Stable’s
vegan pizza virgin, I come here for pizza a lot, but this was the first time I’d sampled their new vegan feta which was awesome, I do miss cheese so good imitations  like this go a long way!

The Salad arrived in beautiful form, hearty, ballsy and tasty!

The Vegan Greek was topped with marinated tomatoes, garlic & rosemary olives, dressed rocket and vegan feta (It should also come with red onion but they were made by the devil on the 8th day right? so I asked them to make it without. The Salad arrived in beautiful form, hearty, ballsy and tasty! I know they offer a free salad bar on this particular evening but I strongly believe you can’t have too much of a ”Stable” salad, they’re unreal!

I find Stable get the balance so right with Pizza, i am forever asking for extra sauce or extra cheese in any old place, but I trust these guys! It always comes our perfecto!

We were feeling super indulgent and went for the pud! (Little tip if you’re in a couple, order two sets of two courses: 1 starter to share, two mains to share, and 1 pudding to share, perfectly plenty!) We opted for the Vegan Brownie with cider & berrie coulis and vegan ice cream – just can’t get enough cider in this gaff! It was heavenly and for all those sceptics out there, you really couldn’t tell it was dairyfree! It was rich, guey, chocolatey and orgasmic, just as any brownie should be.

All in all: Personally I think The Stable is a great place to eat, drink and hang any day of the week but with this menu I’d confidently say its a no brainer if you’re looking for somewhere to get together have a much and a drink, or five. For me, The Stable looks and tastes like high end food but in a comfortable and relaxed casual atmosphere.

The Staff are great, the food is great and you always leave fulfilled and happy. Check out The next Vegan Hub, first Monday of the month!

Review by Louise Woodley for Grapevine Birmingham