Taking a bet on your favourite horse in 2022!

Sport is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest past-time and interest on earth. There are literally hundreds of types of sports which people participate in and enjoy watching across the world today.

Dating back three thousand years, sport arenas during the Greek empires, were filled with keen fans and followers, there to watch everything from gladiators to blood sports, chariot racing and much more. This was where the Olympic games first took place.

In Britain, watching competitive games was just as popular over the ages and the earliest recorded sport of Horse racing (where betting was involved) were two-horse matches held at Chester in 1539.

Sport and gambling has been popular in the UK since Tudor days. It has been a main recreational activity for hundreds of years. Horse racing has been heavily regulated however and even today rules and regulations exist to protect both spectators and competitors, not to mention those who enjoy taking out a bet on their favourite hourse.

Whilst sports betting is popular in football and boxing, horse racing is still the most popular game in the UK simply because of the Derby and Grand National where many thousands of Brits will take up betting for one time in the year, as a one-off for enjoyment. It is more a tradition rather than dedicated gambling sports betting.

Horse racing is mainly flat courses and jumps racing. The Derby forst took place in 1780 and is still a hugely popular event in sports fans diaries. The Derby has inspired many similar races around the world and brings together friends and families from every county of the British Isles to place a bet on their favourite horse or horses.

The Grand National is the most well known horse race though, and celebrated as part of British culture. Again, similar to the Derby, many people who wouldn’t normally bet or gamble, take part in placing bets on the horses with vast sums of money at stake, it is regulated tightly by the British Horseracing Authority.

Sports fans with place their bets legally via a high street bookmaker or bookie, or through online companies such as 22Bet sports betting.

Many people take great enjoyment from these one-off annual events with many people dressing up for the occasion and attending the races in person, with top hats and fancy dresses, the pomp and ceremony is all part of the draw for this typically British sport.

However, as highlighted in BBC TV series, The Peaky Blinders, not all betting is done legally and there have been many gangsters and criminals who have made their fame and fortune in illegal gambling when it comes to horses.

That is why it is always best to use a reputable company when placing your bets for any sporting event, the potential benefits from placing that one lucky bet could be life-changing. It is more fun too, than simply playing the lottery. Many love the adrenalin rush of watching their favourite horse come from behind to race across the finishing line, and there have been many upsets in the world of horse racing over the years, with favourites to win falling or lagging behind with the underdogs netting the lucky few thousands of pounds in winnings.

Whichever way you bet, or whatever your interest, always gamble or bet only what you can afford. Other than that, enjoy the game!