Outdoor TV aerial installation: Why you should leave this to the professionals

There are a few different places where you can mount your TV aerial outdoors and this usually tends to be down to the local transmitter location. If you were to install your own aerial, you could easily take a look outside at your neighbour’s TV aerials to consider the location of them, and the direction they face in, to apply this to your installation process. Sourcing your aerial can be a difficult process and the installation, in particular, can be extremely challenging if you are not an expert in this task like the professionals at aerial express . We would always advise contacting a trained expert to carry out this task and here we will explain why.

Not as expensive as you may imagine

So why would someone choose to install their own aerial? This will always be down to excess costs. Quite often, when a homeowner experiences a problem with their TV aerial, they will attempt to fix it themselves. Bad signal and TV reception will leave the individual fidgeting around with their TV and attempting to tune channels. If this doesn’t work, the assumption that something is wrong with your aerial is made apparent. Rather than call out an engineer, the homeowner will attempt to take this matter into their own hands. Why not save yourself the hassle and call https://aerialandsatelliteexpress.co.uk who will be happy to visit your property and offer you a free quotation before charging you for any work that may need to be done. A homeowner may throw away their time and money to reinstall a new aerial when it may only need to be repaired. So why not save the risk, money, and time and call out a professional.

Health & safety risks

The main risk of installing a TV aerial by yourself is the risk it imposes. Outdoor TV aerial installation is done at a height and most likely, the aerial is installed next to or near the roof. Working at a height can impose danger, as there is a high risk of injury from falling from the roof or hitting against other obstructing objects that you may encounter on the way up the ladder. As professionals carry this task out daily, they have plenty of knowledge with health and safety practices when installing aerials.

Better outcome

If the outdoor TV aerial installation is carried out by a professional, you can guarantee that the job will be completed correctly. If installed by yourself, you may need to spend extra time trying to fix any complications you may have, and the TV reception and signal may not be to the standard you expect. This means that after the time and effort spent, perfecting the position of your TV aerial, the result may not always be guaranteed. Why would you want to spend more time fixing your TV aerial and less time watching your TV?

Reliability & warranty

After your TV aerial is installed by a professional, you can always depend on the company to be reliable through their warranty scheme. Depending on the company, some may offer a standard 1-2 years warranty, whereas others can offer up to 5 years. This means that if you encounter any future problems with your aerial you can depend on an engineer coming out to fix it promptly. This is why it is important to use professionals, as although you may need to pay extra, at the end of the day, you have a guarantee if anything goes wrong.


Although your intentions may be to save money and take the less expensive route, when it comes to outdoor TV aerial installation, we would always advise you to go through with using a professional company. After all, they are experts and your mind can be put at ease knowing that the job has been done correctly. This is a lengthy process even when done by a professional, so for the job to be carried out by someone with no experience in this sector, it could potentially take double the amount of time. Finally, the customer always has the reliability of a warranty when using a professional company, meaning that their mind is put at ease, and if they encounter any future problems, they are not required to carry out the task again.