The benefits of green roofing that make it the right choice for your home

Also referred to as living roofs, the green roofs are a reality now in the US. Most American homes feature roof with either partial or full vegetation. These have tremendous aesthetic value as well as structural and health benefits too. For instance, some believe that green roofs can help you save energy bills and stormwater runoff. There are numerous reasons why it has become popular in Utah and other American states. People are adopting it to fight the impact of climate change that is leading to unpredictable weather fluctuations and natural disasters, not just in America but everywhere. That’s why perhaps this market is likely to be $157 billion worth by 2021.

Anyway, if you are a resident of Salt Lake City, you should contact a credible and specialized Utah roofer for help. A green roof can arguably offer you one-third of the benefit of a tree canopy, as per some studies. So, if you don’t want to let go of this opportunity and other favorable situations, then you should consider getting it done. Experts say that this roof can benefit you from a societal, economic, and ecological point of view. It can regulate indoor temperature, causing a reduction in utility bills; clean the air, and create rainwater reserve. Then, in its surroundings, you can feel happier than you are.

Residential projects: The perks of getting a green roof

Ambient temperature

Plants soak up about 50% of the sunlight and reflect about 30% of it. As a result, you can feel surroundings to be cooler around them. They keep climate soothing. It means if you have this structure on the roof, you can experience a difference inside your home too. It will condition the air naturally, leaving your house cooler. And when this happens, you would not need to turn on ACs so frequently. However, not just your home, even your neighborhood can also bask in its advantage, as a green roof can reduce the temperature by up to 3 degrees.

The longevity of the roof

Since it consists of a layer of vegetation on the roofing structure, you can rest assured that your roofing material will remain safe against sun, rain, and wind. The changing temperatures will also not be able to impact it much. As a consequence, you can expect your roof to enjoy an extended life. Investing in a green roof might feel expensive initially, but you should not focus on the first-time cost. It will recover all your expenses within a particular period.


In the urban environment, you don’t get to see butterflies, birds, and insects as much due to the lack of greenery. But with a green roof, you can take your first step towards contributing to your environment beautifully. The use of herbs, host plants, grasses, and sedums in the roof can attract them.

Healing effects

When you suffer from an illness, doctors recommend you to go to a place where there are fresh air and little or no pollution. The location should make you feel refreshed from inside. Since greenery can help any patient feel calm and relaxed, you can expect your green roof to have a similar impact on your or your dear one’s health. It can speed up your healing process by providing comparatively cleaner air.

Structural appearance

The green roofing structure tends to be sustainable and aesthetic. It can give your house a new look, making it stand out from the rest. The energy bills will go down, and at the same time, the life of your structure will also get extended. In the end, you will reap its benefit in terms of the overall increased value of your property too.

Noise control

The layer of vegetation on your building can act as an insulation and muffle all the noise so that you can have a peaceful environment both indoors and outdoors.

Fire resistance

Plants tend to retain moisture. So, having its layer on your building essentially means that you don’t need to worry about the risk of catching fires. The wetness of the plants will not allow your structure to catch or spread the fire quickly.


Staying in the vicinity of greenery can help you deal with stress and tension better. You feel naturally relaxed and fresh. Consequently, you remain healthy and fit.

Rainwater buffer

Green roofing structures are well-known for their rainwater preservation traits. The plants, substrate, and drainage cover can retain the water for a long time, causing minimal amount to drain. And the water it absorbs gets purified and also evaporates slowly. Due to this, the burden on the sewage system gets automatically reduced, and even the chances of flooding recede.

Socially motivating

In a green environment, you tend to socialize and enjoy more because of less stress and better health. When you meet more, you develop a strong community bond with people. And all this eventually culminate in lower violence, aggression, and destruction. Everyone becomes closer and lives a safe life.

Points to consider

In the excitement, you, however, should not make a hasty decision. Some homeowners make the mistake of adding a green roof to their existing roofing structure without much thought. But it can be risky and money-wasting. There can be specific structural requirements that you need to meet to have it installed. So, before you decide, check it with a trusted roofer and get his opinion. Otherwise, you may risk your ceiling that can come down due to overload.

Another thing is you should not try to do it yourself, even if you are an expert. Holding license and expertise is a different thing, though. So, instead of taking this task upon yourself, you should hire a roofing contractor for help. In Utah, you get numerous options. Hence, there is nothing to worry about.

Green roofs are the new-age solution to climate change and stressful urban life. If you want to keep your health fit and reduce your carbon footprint too, then choose it as an alternative. Once installed, you will vouch for it yourself, for sure.