The Best Street Style of Shanghai Fashion Week 2021

In this article, we are going to analyze and show you some of the top street styles from this year’s Shanghai Fashion Week. As always there was an abundance of different trends and styles that made their way onto the streets of Shanghai. We saw many returning classics as well as plenty of new outfits and combinations that caught everyone’s attention. Regardless of what your personal style is, there was an inspiration to be found for everyone during this year’s fashion week.

We’ve gathered four of our favorite looks that you can easily integrate into your everyday outfits and look stunning while you are out and about. Keep reading if you want to be on top of all the fashion trends that will continue to dazzle during the remainder of the year.


One of the most noticeable trends on the streets during Shanghai Fashion Week was certainly suits! Regardless if they were worn by men or women, both genders showed off some incredibly stylish outfits. The formal outfit has never really gone out of style, but we saw the classic look taken to new levels by the people on the streets in Shanghai.

The most popular trend among those wearing suits was a slightly oversized and wider blazer combined with a pair of charleston pants. When it came down to color pallets, there was a clear favorite amongst the attendants – black! Although other colors were also noticed, the majority of the people on the streets proved once again that you can’t really go wrong with a stylish black suit.

More often than not, the suits were combined with a comfortable pair of high platform shoes like chunky sneakers or platform boots. Most ladies rounded off their looks by adding a small stylish bag to their outfits.

Cowboy boots and summer dresses

Our second pick was a slightly less obvious choice compared to the classic suits. Cowboy boots were often noticed with elegant summer dresses. The unexpected romance between the old-school cowboy style and the much more feminine and bohemian style seamlessly blended into one during the Shanghai Fashion Week.

Black is back

It’s not as if we didn’t have plenty of colorful styles at this year’s fashion week, however black was definitely the main color of choice for most. The long black jackets and coats definitely made a comeback this year and thank goodness, they were deeply missed.

Everything from boots to pants, bags and different accessories, the dark color made an appearance everywhere. This just proved even more so than black on black is always a stylish and safe choice.

Ripped Clothes

Ripped jeans have been a thing since the 70’s and the rebellious look has remained fashionable until now. Even though it has experienced ups and downs throughout the years, the edgier look has always been present throughout the years especially when it comes to jeans. On the streets of Shanghai there were plenty of examples, ranging from ripped jeans to ripped shirts and jackets.

In order to complete this style, we recommend grabbing your favorite stylish mini bag.

Another fashion week has gone by in Shanghai and as usual we were not disappointed! With our guide and little tips we’re sure that you’ll be able to integrate these four trends into your wardrobe effortlessly! Remember, the most important tip we can give you is to feel comfortable and confident!