The biggest wins in the history of casinos

Who does not like the money? Such people, of course, simply do not exist. The desire to earn as much as possible has never stopped anyone, even difficult working conditions and excessive schedule – not a problem. And who will refuse the easy money, which as a river can “fall” into your pocket? The answer is clear, so increasingly, in the hope of catching the bird of happiness by the tail and be famous throughout the world fabulous winnings, people tend to get into ground or casinos without uk license. And not just as an ordinary player, and lucky. Although a large number of people today tend to believe that gambling and going to the casino – a pernicious habit and “tears of wasted years,” but there are those who are ready to challenge this opinion, because they are luckier than others. Now these simple amateurs – the owners of multi-million dollar winnings. It turns out that “fortune’s lucky ticket” to draw at the casino is quite possible. Today let’s talk about such lucky people and tell about the biggest casino winnings in history.

The biggest jackpots in casino history

The United States is rightly called the home of gambling. Just look at the popular Las Vegas, which annually brings together players from all over the world to break the hefty jackpot. Such efforts do not go in vain, because almost 61% of locals and visitors attend gambling establishments regularly. It is also surprising that the U.S. has a record number of winnings. Who and how much did they win? Tell us about the hit list below.

  • More than 1,000 years as a waitress, or one trip to the casino
  • The Best Gift
  • An unexpected turn
  • Lucky guy online

Cynthia Jay was working as a waitress in Las Vegas. On January 29, 2000, she decided to stop by the casino after her shift. She was not going to play big – she had only $27 in her pocket. Despite this, she took a chance on the one-armed bandit. Cynthia was losing dollar after dollar and was about to leave, when suddenly there was a loud sound, notifying the whole casino of winning the jackpot. The girl was very lucky – the slot machine she was playing was part of the Megabucks system. In this system, deducted the interest on money lost on the set of other slot machines, which in total amounted to an incredible jackpot of 34 million 959 thousand 458 dollars. So Cynthia J. became the owner of the largest at the time of the winning slot machines in the world. To earn that much money as a waitress, she would have had to work for 1165 years. Unfortunately, this story did not have a happy ending. Very soon after winning, Cynthia was in a terrible car accident and could no longer get back on her feet. She is willing to trade all of her money for the chance to walk and work as a waitress again. Sweet elderly American Johanna Hoyndl decided to celebrate her 74th birthday in Las Vegas on May 27, 2002. She bypassed several casinos, and after randomly choosing a slot machine at the Baileys Hotel, she won $22.6 million the first time. Interestingly, the winnings in the same Megabucks system had been piling up ever since the one-armed bandit Cynthia, a waitress we already know, played on the “one-armed bandit”. In March 2003, Cynthia’s record was finally broken by a 25-year-old computer programmer from Los Angeles who, for security reasons, decided to remain incognito. The young man did not know what to do with himself before the basketball game, and decided to throw a few coins into the slot machine. The lucky player initially mistook the distinctive sound for a glitch in the program and intended to leave with nothing. But he was stopped by the casino staff and told that he had really won about $40 million. What an unexpected turn. I wonder why they stopped him? The third lucky guy on our list is an Australian who snapped up A$10,423,223 at Microgaming’s The Dark Knight slot machine at casino with welcome bonus real money in April 2016. That’s approximately $7.86 million. The Dark Knight is a slot based on the Batman movie theme with Heath Ledger. There are 243 ways to win on the 5 reels, including breaking one of the 4 types of jackpots. More often than not, the machine gave out prizes of around $1 million, but the Australian was incredibly lucky to break the pot 8 times over! This record will remain forever in the history of online casinos, because just a couple of months after giving out the biggest jackpot slot The Dark Knight has closed.

  • The Good Luck Hot Dog
  • The largest poker win

This time we will talk about the lottery. More often than not, lotteries draw a lot more money than you can win from a slot machine. However, there is rarely only one winner. Such was the case with the biggest win in the world. In May 2000, two lucky men, again from the U.S. pulled off a $363 million “Big Game” lottery jackpot. It is interesting that one of the winners – Larry Ross, had never played the lottery before and was not even going to. He had to buy his lucky ticket to change his money for a hot dog! After paying all the taxes, the guys were left with “only” $90 million each. Every year, a famous poker tournament takes place in Las Vegas. It was at one of these tournaments and the Swede Martin Deckniff and pulled off the biggest score in the history of poker – 2 million. 728 thousand dollars. Legal poker, at least. You can grab a Bodog bonus here.

He played dozens of poker games from the table, which was not easy for him, but, as it turned out, the result was worth the candle. Martin used the winnings to buy and live in a house in Las Vegas.


As skeptical as many may be about casinos, sometimes snapping the jackpot can really shock you. The players we cited are proof of that, as one game changed their lives and destinies forever. So before you draw conclusions, think better, because it is possible to lose $100 once, but another time to get several million dollars!