The Importance of Personal Mobility: Used Cars in a Post Covid World

Whatever has happened to the used car market? It is booming, and there are several excellent reasons why. Read on and see if you can be converted to the joys of owning a previously loved vehicle yourself!


The worldwide pandemic, which brought along with it the understanding that people can be silly and selfish about looking out for others, has seen many people looking to avoid being in close proximity with others for long periods of time. This includes:

Avoiding Public Transport

Whereas a few months ago – just over a year and a half – most people were quite happy to hop onto a bus or train to get where they needed to go, the pandemic made this a less desirable outcome. Along with the above-mentioned proximity to others came the need to wear a mask for the duration of the trip, which is quite uncomfortable. Compare that to being in your own vehicle, with the peace of mind of knowing that no one can infect you even without a mask on! Because, obviously, you don’t need to wear a mask in your own car.

Green Considerations

This is where the second-hand part comes in. New cars are known for being very resource heavy, and the process of car manufacturing is loaded with harmful chemicals and contamination-heavy instances. For example, painting a car requires multiple layers of toxic chemicals to be applied and then bonded to the vehicle’s body – while this is safe once complete, the painting period is fraught with danger to those involved.

And this is where a second-hand car comes in: the longer any car is on the road, the softer the impact of that vehicle’s manufacture becomes, spreading out and diffusing, like ripples on a pond. Someone who has eschewed car ownership for ecological reasons will be able to enjoy twin benefits by opting for a second-hand car: the benefits and hygiene of a private vehicle alongside the knowledge that their carbon footprint is not being harmed at the same time.

Show Me the Money

A final consideration for many is financial. Second-hand cars are cheaper at the purchase point and they continue to be so all the way through the car ownership process, from road taxes to insurances and more.