The Holy Palate Supper Club

The Holy Palate Supper Club
23 & 24 February 2023, 7.30pm
Produced by Kaye Winwood (Gulp) and Matt O’Callaghan (Mangia! Mangia!)
£50 for an unforgettable edible adventure

Are you ready for your flight into the future?

Leaning into the histories of Italian food and art, Kaye and Matt will be joining forces to bring you an extraordinary Supper Club which takes its inspiration from the 1930’s Futurist Cookbook – La Cucina Futurista – whose eccentric ideas have informed much of contemporary gastronomy. In March 1931, they opened a controversial restaurant called The Holy Palate which they believed would “remain impressed in the history of the art of cooking, just as the dates of the discovery of America, the storming of the Bastille, the Congress of Vienna or the Treaty of Versailles [were] indelibly fixed in the history of the world”. Unlike most of Italy the Futurists revoked the use of pasta, considering it to be heavy and inducing lethargy and virility, preferring instead to use foods and concepts that they believed would arouse energy, vigour and spirit.

What to expect?

Diners can expect a playful, artistic dining experience which draws on the Futurist Cookbook in a series of courses to reinterpret their ‘formulas’ (meals). This multi-sensory experience will begin as guests arrive at Gulp’s doorstep for embarking; climbing the stairs to the dining room where the event will take the diners on a gastronomic journey through a flight of delicious courses.

What will you eat?

The Futurists were pioneers of multisensory eating, their dinners were more than food, combining taste, aroma, texture, sound, poetry and performance to create a ‘beyond the plate’ food experience. Diners will delight in the reworkings of original courses that retain this artistic integrity and intention including sculpted peppers, exploding scents, blindfolded tastings and puddings hidden within puddings.


Kaye Winwood / 07834 244609
Gulp, Unit 9, First Floor, 58 Spencer Street
Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. B18 6DS

Kaye and Matt met at Ikon Gallery in 1998 where they worked. Both have an interest in food and art and the potency of combining the two.

Mangia! Mangia! popped up at Gulp throughout 2022, with an Italian focussed programme of Supper Clubs and Workshops, each exploring different aspects of Italian gastronomy and customs.

Founder Matt O’Callaghan is a cook, grower, writer and teacher of food, specialising in traditional Italian and British recipes. Much of the food he cooks is grown on his own Birmingham allotment, demonstrating that you don’t have to live in Italy to grow Mediterranean food. His writing has received praise from Nigella Lawson, Rachel Roddy and Diana Henry. He has a blog and writes for Vittles.

Founded by Sensory Artist Kaye Winwood, Gulp is an artistic dining room nestled in a stunning Grade II listed building in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Gulp is a meeting, learning and eating space for curious appetites with a desire for the extraordinary. Gulp provides a beautiful setting for corporate away days and meetings; private celebrations; filming and photoshoots. Enquires to
GULP, Unit 9, First Floor, 58 Spencer Street
Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. B18 6DS