The most popular home decor trends in 2021

If we talk about the world of interior designing a few decades back, it would definitely not have been the same. The recent years have seen a great change in the world of interior designing. Shifting from the art deco of the roaring twenties, onto the emergence of new shapes and colors into the ’80s, the recent era has developed with a new twist of modernity in our home decors. As interior designing continually evolves, today great significance is being given to making homes comfortable and relaxing. 

Home decor trends may come in quick, but they won’t always last too long. Much like the changes in the previous years, interior designing trends in 2021 are much different than the previous years. If you are searching for home decor trends in 2021, you’re at the right place. Below are some of our favorite home decor trends of 2021. 

  1. Use a wallpaper 

Wallpapers are an old trend that has made its way back in the year 2021. Being used greatly in the previous decade, wallpapers had lost their charm in the early years of 2000. Today, there are multiple wallpapers of diverse colors and designs available that you can choose on from. For those who love and adore minimalist designed homes, this tends to be a great option. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that wallpapers have to be monotonous, you can keep them as colorful and wild as you want. The color and design options are endless. 

  1. Greenery with house plants 

Again, the use of indoor plants to decorate homes is not a new trend but has boomed in recent years due to the pandemic. Not all of us have the privilege of being surrounded by nature, but you can always bring nature inside with house plants. The recent trend of 2021 has revived the beauty of indoor plants. Decorate your comfort zone with beautiful greenery. You can plant flowers, or grow herbs in your windowsills to bring a touch of nature inside. 

  1. Add layered rugs

One of the popular home decor trends of this year is layered rugs, and there’s no doubt why! Layering rugs not just double the depth and texture of the palace but also makes the place seem warm and cozy. Moreover, layering your rugs is a convenient option because it costs less than buying one big rug. A good combination for a layered rug is one big jute rug with a smaller-sized patterned rug.

  1. Being in personalized pillows

A custom pillow like a throw pillow is a superior interior designing tool. Again, customized photo pillow has been a running style for several years and only continues to be a great trend in 2021. You can get your favorite pillow with picture from different shops. Allaboutvibe has the best collection of personalized throw pillows for your home. Click here to explore the collection and find your favorite one. Personalized throw pillows are a pocket-friendly option because you won’t always have to get new ones, you can just swap the Pillow Protector and get a new look.

  1. Get started with Leather furniture 

Leather furniture, ever since the start has been a constant style in interior designing because of its natural hardiness and everlasting beauty. Leather furniture is a classic idea for your home decor, one that never goes out of style! Other than the elegant look that this furniture gives, this timeless beauty is never going out of fashion! 

  1. Set your home office 

In the 21st century, people have shifted from work outside to work from home. With this recent rise, homes are now turning in offices. People have started setting up trendy and pretty offices in their homes. After all, who wouldn’t want to work in such a pretty office, and that too at the comfort of their homes? Home offices are decorated and set to bring motivation and creativity to work. So, with the rise in work from home, home offices have made their place in the list of the most popular home decor trends of 2021. 

  1. Decorate with curtains 

This year, bird farewell to blinds and welcome in the curtains! The home decor trends of 2021 have brought elegant floor-to-ceiling curtains that make the room feel cozier, and the windows, larger. Moreover, curtains are an elegant addition that will add depth to your room. Curtains are an interesting way to decorate your home as they bring in the shade with style.

  1. Try woven wall hangings 

Woven home decor like wall hangings has been amongst the list of the most popular trends in 2021. What better way to add a touch of detail and texture to a dull wall than to add an interestingly woven wall hanging. Woven wall hangings are an attractive addition to your wall and are sure to capture everyone’s attention. Get creative with these wall hangings because there is plenty to choose from. Woven wall hangings come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. And the best part, they won’t be heavy on your pocket. 

  1. Gallery wall

The gallery wall trend is one we can assure you won’t go out of fashion that easy! There are multiple ways you can set your gallery wall, and the best part, it sets in perfectly with almost every style. When you are setting up your gallery wall, make sure to blend the colors, sizes, and textures of the art you choose. This adds a great aesthetic look. If you like it raw, you can even go for standalone art pieces like mirrors, clocks, or canvases. 


We have seen some of the most exciting home decor trends that came rose to the top in 2021. With the trends of home decor changing every year, we can’t predict what the next year will bring, but we hope that most of these amazing trends stay the same! If you are yet to decorate your home, make sure to follow these top home decor trends of the year. We are sure you will love them!