The OFFICIAL Brum Radio A List 5 June

Pete Steel is back in the OFFICAL Brum Radio A-List hot-seat (and it is red-hot) with new music to chill out to including from:

Katherine Priddy // The Novus // SIPHO // T8PES // Kate B’mand // Jack Goodall & The Kicks // Cigaretiquette

There’s another track from our Featured Album by  Thomas Atlas and we get the EXCLUSIVE first listen of the new Headshrinkers single.

PLUS music from Darcy Holmes // P.E.T // William William Rodgers & Piera Onacko // Fitzroy Holt // The New Consistent and Mar!k

The show ends with the crowning of Brum Radio’s new Track of the Week.

You can catch the A-List every Saturday between 2pm and 3pm (UK Time) and it’s repeated Mondays between 7pm and 8pm. Listen to the A List Live or Again at the all-new Brum Radio website here

As part of our fundraising drive we have launched the exclusive Brum Radio International Sticker Club. When you buy our sticker pack you also get the chance to join the club – all of which you can do at the Brum Radio website here.

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