The World’s only Prodigy tribute band comes to Brum!

Friday 29th April | Doors at 20:00 | The Actress & Bishop

The World’s ONLY live Prodigy tribute band heads to The Actress & Bishop, Birmingham.

Jilted Generation are the full prodigy experience! They are authentic as it gets with meticulous attention to detail from costumes, lighting, production, equipment and of course recreating the music to a note-perfect standard. Jilted Generation are well known for bringing a huge force of energy & delivering the madness of all the tracks.

“I’ve never seen and never will see a better live performance, almost on par with Prodigy!”

“Pure fire & Prodigy energy!”

”I couldn’t go to Glastonbudget without seeing the great Jilted Generation. There’s one reason for that – they’re fantastic! A Prodigy tribute band with all edgy-ness of the real band, they are always a treat to watch and never fail to work the plentiful crowd up into a frenzy.” – Music in Leicester

Tickets on sale now, be quick they’re going fast!
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