Theo’s Food Company Livening Up Mealtimes During Lockdown

Theo’s Food Company, a renowned supplier of mouth-watering chicken and vegan produce, is now spicing up mealtimes for hungry households across England with their new domestic delivery business.

Passionate about food and always driven by innovation, family run Theo’s launched their home delivery service, featuring food boxes containing healthy tasty marinated chicken, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, breads, sauces and accompaniments, all exclusively provided by the company.

Delivered to the front doors of homes five days a week, the food boxes are proving a huge success at a time when families struggle to get supermarket deliveries, and when vulnerable households are shielding throughout the lockdown.

Theo’s incredible tasting marinated chicken, including Sweet Mediterranean, Piri Piri, BBQ and Tikka, all packed with subtle but extremely tasty and authentic flavours, are ideal for barbeques, easy-to-prepare oven-cooked or grilled meals with friends and family. 

Along with providing healthy produce to homes during these uncertain times, Theo’s also hold a strong philanthropic and charity ethos that has always been at the heart of the company. This year Theo’s supported West Midlands based Greek taverna and charity Lakis Greek Kitchen, with their 2020 Covid-19 campaign.

As sponsors to LGK, Theo’s joined forces with the charity to help raise vital funds through the profits on their online shop. Additionally, they helped supply essential food items to Acorns Children’s Hospice, looking after children from Birmingham’s Children Hospital, due to the large intake of patients arising from the Covid crisis and in support of the most vulnerable of the community.

The onset of COVID-19 forced us at Theo’s to think differently about our business. Our founder Chris Gavriel had a long-held ambition that everybody should be able to enjoythe same delicious, competitively-priced product that we supply to take-aways and caterers – and not available in the supermarket – from the comfort of their own home. The restrictions imposed by lockdown meant we now had the opportunity to execute that. It also meant that we could give something back to both the community and families. By providing quality chicken and complementary products direct to their door (with discount for all key workers) it meant that Theo’s could help families eat well, together, and with minimal fuss.’. Theo Gavriel, Managing Director

Theo’s was founded in Burntwood in 1990 when Chris Gavriel created his own marinades for chicken kebabs in his take-away business. Chris then progressed to making these marinades on an industrial scale and Theo’s was born. 

The business went from strength to strength, supplying take-aways, restaurants and wholesalers across the UK. Around 20 years ago, the business diversified into products for school caterers around Birmingham and now works with a number of local authorities and service providers supplying over 1,000 locations nationwide. 

Theo’s deliver the finest products five days a week across Birmingham, West Midlands, Staffordshire five days a week. They also deliver to London, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield once a week.  

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