Tips for Buying Jewelry

Jewelry is probably one of the most popular gifts, and recent research by the National Retail Foundation found that one in five gift-givers will opt for this kind of present for their partners and loved ones.  

But buying jewelry can turn out to be quite a complicated process if you are not very well informed. But do not worry, here are some tips on how to buy the perfect piece that will leave your loved one breathless. 

Choose something unique 

Although silver and gold will probably never go out of style, there are a lot of other jewelry types to choose from. One of them is opal. Opal is probably one of the most beautiful gemstones currently available. Unlike diamonds, opal jewelry is very personal, and each stone is unique with different patterns. That is something that makes them a trendy accessory right now.  

Although it is a gorgeous gem, if you are not very familiar with it, buying it may seem hard for you, but there is only one thing to know – look for dead spots. 

Unlike diamonds, opals’ worth is not measured in size, but actually in color and tone of the gem. If your opal gem has dull color in some areas, that means that it is less valuable. If you are looking for opal stone rings, there are many beautiful pieces you can find online, which will, without a doubt, put a huge smile on your significant other’s face.  

Avoid huge brands 

With big and famous brands, sometimes you are not paying for the product, but the brand’s name. On many occasions, just stamping a brand name onto the piece of jewelry can increase their price for hundreds of dollars. It is not worth it.  

Instead, give a go to smaller companies that are still trying to make a name for themselves, not only will you actually be able to catch them on a sale in the holiday season (unlike big brands which do not put their products on sale) but you will also be able to really get a beautiful piece that you did not overpay.  

Pearls and silver are safe zones 

If you are not sure what to give to your loved one, you can never be wrong with silver or pearls. Depending on their outfit choices, you can choose either one and still pick a wonderful present for them.  

For example, if your significant other is usually dressed in more formal clothes, or they like to dress up more often, pearls will be the perfect gift for them. But if they like the more casual, yet elegant look, a perfect silver necklace or bracelet will add up to their appearance.  

Ask for advice 

If you are unsure about which jewelry to get, it’s probably a good time to ask for some help or advice. Go jewelry hunting with a friend or relative you trust and let them help you find the most beautiful piece that fits your budget.  

If you are not so lucky to have a jewelry expert in your circle of friends, you can always ask your jeweler for help, but be wary because they might just be trying to make a sale.  

Another option for you is to research a lot and ask on forums, which can be helpful. If you are buying the present online, forms can be especially useful for answering all of your questions.  

Although it may seem that buying jewelry as a present may be the most challenging task you have to face, it does not need to be so stressful. After you see the happiness the present will bring to your loved one, it will all be worth it!