Delicious Cupcakes’ Trends in 2020 for every occasion & celebration

With increased health awareness, people are convinced enough to cut down calories. And when it comes to calories, sugar is the softest target. Fortunately, the cake industry has come up with a smaller version of cakes to rescue all your calorie fears. These individual cakes are decorated with amazing swirls and toppings to look as attractive as the full-sized cakes. They are gaining popularity among the masses day by day. Thanks to their new flavours and decoration style. These cupcakes are ideal for all the occasions and get together be it – Birthday, Anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day.  Let’s check out different varieties of your favourite dessert available this year:

White Chocolate Truffle Cupcake: The amazing white chocolate Truffle cupcakes are the new choice for all the party groovers. This tender and fluffy cupcake get to melt into the mouth giving heavenly feelings. With the nice white chocolate design at the centre and sprinkled with nuts, this yummy cake doesn’t let your tongue get satiated with just one bite. It’s a perfect gift to offer this 2020, and we are sure, the recipient would definitely fall in love with your choice. 

Strawberry Cupcake: This toothsome strawberry cupcake is the divine dessert filled with rich strawberry cream and crushed strawberries. Carved out in the design of a rose with strawberry cream icing, this amazing looking Strawberry cake would definitely invite a lot of appreciation for your choice. It’s one step ahead of the usual strawberry cake. Every single bite of this yummy cake would leave the magical spell on the recipient and the invited guests of the party.

Butterscotch Caramel Cupcake: Mouthwatering and forever delight! Get ready to feel the delicious crunch ever with this scrumptious butterscotch caramel cake. The moist and smooth butterscotch caramel cupcake is filled with butterscotch chips and Vanilla Cream. Blended with Caramel Sauce and topped with butterscotch glaze and brown chocolate flakes, this yummy cake would definitely give the feeling of cloud 9.

  • Vanilla and Chocolate Marble Cupcake: Want to feel the lushness of rich chocolates and chills of vanilla in one cupcake? Then, vanilla and chocolate Marble Cake is the best choice. You can enjoy the taste of both vanilla and chocolate in every bite of this cupcake. It’s the best cake choice during birthday parties of kids. In fact, it would also be suitable for all the home light parties – be it a promotion party, the occasion of Diwali, Holi or New Year or celebration of Mother’s  Day or Father’s Day.
  • Black Forest Cupcake: Stuffed with a sweet cherry filling and the fluffy whipped cream topping, the black forest cupcakes are the most mesmerizing treat you can give your loved ones on the special occasion of 2020. The godly elegance would depict your absolute love and care for the recipient. The small cute cupcakes would astonish your dear one and would bring a million-dollar smile on their lovely faces. Don’t think twice, just go for it. It’s a perfect treat for 2020. You can also order them online, delivery is available across the country. It can be easily delivered to all the metropolitan cities.  You can send cake delivery in Bangalore at midnight and give the biggest surprise of the year to your sweetheart.
  • Red Velvet Choco Coffee Cupcake: Frosted with cream cheese and blended with coffee powder, red velvet choco coffee cupcake is the perfect sweet to cast the spell of love. Gifting these luscious cakes would definitely be the best choice as they would denote your sheer love and affection for your sweetheart. The scrumptious red velvet shavings and creamy flavour would leave your dear ones in the most mesmerizing state and would urge him/her to have one more. It’s red-ness, chocolate-ness and creamy-ness are too hard to resist. Try just try it out this year, and make your loved one’s day filled with fun and jubilance.

We are in the last leg of a decade, be unconventional and try out something new for every occasion and celebration this year. These amazing cupcakes we have just discussed are the best pick to add extra gleam and exuberance to the party. Just go for it!