Triple Play: Getting the Best for Less

There’s no denying that internet, TV, and phone have become a basic necessity. To stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, and everyone really these things are a must. These services not only provide connectivity, but also a source of entertainment and news, a way to stay connected with the wider world. Suffice to say then that getting a TV, internet, and a phone service is a must if you want to remain connected with everyone, and also ensure your survival. If you’re a student or a professional, having these services is a must. Try applying for a job without the internet, it’s laughable. 

Too bad, getting them can be expensive. Separately bought, they can put a huge burden on your pocket leaving little money for other expenses which is why you must get a Triple Play. Bundling these services gives you big discounts and big savings. 

However, you won’t find all packages suitable. Each telecom company has its own offers and they each excel in certain areas. Depending on your requirements you might find even the best offers useless and the package least liked by others your favorite among the lot. Given the multitude of deals out there, how do you choose then? Well, worry not. We’ve created this guide to help you out. Our checklist includes all things important to consider before making your decision.

What’s the Coverage Area

Let’s start with the most important part, Coverage Area. The foremost factor to consider before selecting a bundle package is to first check whether the provider is available in your area or not. Usually, when you consider moving to another area or region of the US, it’s likely that you won’t get the current provider’s service. The only option left then is to check which providers offer services in your area.

Finding out is easy. Google providers in your area or go to platforms like Buytvinternetphone and simply plug in your zip code. Voila, you’ll know everything there is to know. Which providers are there in your area and what do they have on offer. It provides you not only information regarding coverage area but also provides with all the necessary details – bundles, discounts, charges, alternates, etc.

What are Your Requirements

Before you go out to buy and get persuaded by a flashy deal that does little for you, you must first look within and analyze what you really need. What is a must? After the coverage, this is the most important thing to know.

So, which type of services and which level of service do you want from the provider? Different customers have different needs. The different types of bundle packages and offers are made to cater to each. Usually, the customers look for the following things in their services:

  • The speed of an internet connection
  • The variety of TV channels
  • The level of customer satisfaction
  • Special discounts
  • Triple Play additional features

Then again, each customer has different priorities which is why some might be interested in plans that offer really fast internet rather than a large number of TV channels and phone service. Some might prefer a large number of TV channels rather than high-speed internet and phone service while others still might go for a nationwide calling option on the phone rather than a large number of TV channels and a high-speed internet connection.

These days, as most service providers offer many bundle options (Triple Play and Double Play) and even an option to customize the bundle packages, it gives you a fair chance of getting whatever you want and however you want it without compromising on the quality and that too at affordable rates.

What Discounts are on Offer

Saving is really important for all of us in this day and age. We save our income, where we can so that we can spend more on things that really matter to us. For some it might be a vacation, for others their education. Needless to say, at some point in time, we all have subscribed to individual services (internet, TV, and phone) and we’ve experienced paying bill separately much to our annoyance. Not only that, this individual subscription becomes worse when combined with additional hidden charges not mentioned in the package. Those surprises are never good.

One of the easiest ways you can get rid of all the trouble is by subscribing to bundle packages. It’s the best way to get all the services together with discounts, unified customer support, and convenient installation process.

Furthermore, some providers like Spectrum and Cox offer bundles that have a variety of discounts and other features exclusive to Triple Play.

How is Their Customer Support  

We’ve all known what a struggle it is subscribing to these services (internet, TV, and phone) separately. It doesn’t help us, but rather makes our life difficult having to juggle all these individual subscriptions. Not only that, it becomes worse when you have to sort out an issue. Calling all the helplines individually, and being hit by a barrage of surprise charges make the already bad situation even worse.

On the other hand, you can bypass all these issue by simply getting Triple Play bundle (All-In-One choice). The additional benefits you get make these plans the best. So, curious about what benefits you’re get? Well, unlike the individual subscription, bundle packages get you:

  • A unified customer support
  • The opportunity to save big on Triple Play bundles
  • No surprise fee on Triple Play bundle
  • Special and exclusive Triple Play features

The unified customer support is the best feature given how the telecom industry tends to have questionable customer support. 

Final Words

So, now you know. Triple Play is the perfect option for those looking to get all the services. Bundling services is always the better option as it comes with discounts. Why pay more when you can pay less. The key thing is subscribing to the right package and we hope you found the checklist useful. So, what do you look for and what’s important when you shop for your perfect connection? We’d love to hear from you.