Top 10 Oldest Building In Las Vegas


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1. Historic Fifth Street School

This is one of the lovely sites for Las Vegas locals, it is located downtown and if you ever find yourself doing tourism in Las Vegas; this is a place to check out. It is also known by the name of Las Vegas Grammar school, and in terms of entertainment, the place hosts weddings and other festivities for locals. 

2. Nevada Supreme Court

Located in downtown Las Vegas, this marvelous building has eye-catching features that you should not miss out on a trip to Las Vegas. The building is not old as it was inaugurated in March 2017 and is built almost like the US Supreme Court. It has a gold dome at the top that shines in the setting sunlight making it a beauty to look at around sunset. The way it is built out of marble with Roman columns structures and golden doors is just fascinating and for sure a place to pass by if you are ever in Las Vegas.

3. The Mob Museum

Also known as the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, the Mob Museum is a great place to hit while in Las Vegas for some fascinating stories. It was former mayor Oscar Goodman who had the brilliant thought to open such a unique place to store various criminal records for the public. The idea was at first opposed by Washington but later the museum inaugurated in 2012. Its building was built originally in 1933 and served as Las Vegas post office and museum. 

4. Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health

The Las Vegas’ Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is a research facility for Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related diseases, that opened in 2010 and it took over 100 million dollars to construct this marvelous architectural beauty. The idea was from two local businessmen namely Lou Ruvo and Billy Baldwin who had an attempt to keep Memory alive. This beauty is one of the most unique buildings in Las Vegas as it looks like a melting cube. If touring Las Vegas, you definitely should take a look at this deconstructivist architectural marvel that is a result of the Keep Memory Alive project.

5. Little Church of the West

The little church of the west was built in 1941 and is one of the oldest buildings in Las Vegas. The owner of the chapel has even maintained some of the original structures on the building, such as pews and some of the light fixtures. This beautiful small church is close to the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. 

6. Las Vegas High School (LVA)

The school was inaugurated in 1930 and is now home to the brilliant arts academy. This red looking structure is located in the Las Vegas valley and has been recorded in the national register of historic places in 1986. It was the first high school in the Las Vegas valley and is one of the remaining examples of Art Deco in Las Vegas.

7. The Fashion Show Mall

This is one of the mind-bending places to visit in Las Vegas, as you can spend an entire day just exploring the insides of this marvelous building. With its famous feature called the cloud, which is a gigantic hovering steel and concrete structure, the Fashion Show mall stands out from the surrounding sparking bright lights and building complexes such as the Mirage, The Palazzo, or The Venetian.

8. The Neon Museum

This is a small museum that opened to pay tribute to the signage that represents Las Vegas. If you visit the museum, you will get to experience most of how Las Vegas looked like in the past. Many characters are hosted in this museum including a duck, a lot of gold coins, a camel, and more. 

9. Old Mormon Fort

This is the only place where you will find the first building in Las Vegas. Old Mormon Fort is the first structure built by people of European heritage fifty years ago in what is present in Las Vegas. Make sure to check out this historic place and learn about the early stages of the city.

10. Huntridge

This is a famous neighborhood with a lot of pre-war buildings and structures, the most known building being the Huntridge Theater that was designed by S. Charles Lee in 1944. The sparkling Huntridge circle park is a great attraction and a roundabout when passing through Maryland.


If you are ever going to tour Las Vegas, you should definitely check out most of the above-listed structures. It is for sure that you are going to lose track of time with all the fun that this city offers.