Top 5 bands from Birmingham and their gambling connections

Many successful people have found their passion for gambling, and this sometimes turns into scandals for them. They all prefer absolutely different kinds of gambling: while Tom Cruise is a fan of Poker and betting, Tiger Woods spends hundreds of thousands of dollars playing blackjack. As online casinos are picking up, usually we don’t know for sure if a celebrity is a gambler or not. Granting security and anonymity, online casinos like CasinoLuck always offer gamblers to find the online casino for real money they need. Some people call Birmingham an “English rock capital city”, because of the numerous wonderful bands having their roots there. Sure thing, some of them have connections with gambling and casinos, at least by the fact that they sometimes hold their concerts at casino halls. Let’s study them in a bit more detail.

1. Black Sabbath

No surprises there, Ozzy Osbourne is known for his offstage activities. After the announcement of his own NFTs called the CryptoBatz Collection, he also declared to be a blockchain casino investor. They say that he has invested in other casino-related projects too. As Ozzy has a big following, he’s interested in making his business absolutely legit and transparent. The fact is that one of his projects is a metal-themed casino. If you also want to play an online casino specialized with some theme, you shall consider visiting KiwiGambling website to find out some good offers.

2. Judas Priest

The band’s lead singer Rob Halford is famous for giving up drinking alcohol. Recently he celebrated 36 years of sobriety, and shared his thoughts on different addictions in multiple interviews. He described his drunk state as “miserable”, and refused to feel it again. Rumors say that besides he was obsessed with alcohol many years ago, his other headache was gambling addiction. As far as we know, now Rob’s goal is bringing balance to his life, so the only fact that connects him to gambling now is his concerts at casinos, and it seems that he still enjoys being there.

3. Magnum

Formed by Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley, Magnum originates from… a casino! The nightclub Rum Runner, was demolished in 1987, but in the 1970s it was a cross between a casino and a conventional club. Being originally a casino, Rum Runner was a place for having fun and spinning slots, and Magnum was one of its first house bands since they begin in 1972 till 1975. After the club’s demolition, the “Soloman Cutler” Wetherspoons pub was subsequently built on the site.

4. Electric Light Orchestra

The fifth studio album “Face the Music” by Electric Light Orchestra was released in 1975. Despite there are a lot of true hits like “Evil Woman” or “Strange Magic”, fans also paid attention to the track “Poker”. This song tells us a story of a simple gambler and the atmosphere of a casino in the 70s. A great song featuring Kelly Groucutt also might be called classics, and surely is worth listening to it!

5. The Nightingales

Robert Lloyd, the lead singer with the Nightingales, is told to be a gambler, and a very lucky one. Like all the people who are being told to be lucky, Robert is known to use it in a casino as well. And this is not something to be called a beginner’s luck! According to his friends, Robert could triple his bankroll in 1 evening. That has also affected his music career, as the band experienced a lot of troubles during its lifetime and still please its fans with new releases.

Final say!

We can see that gambling has been a significant and popular theme since the middle of the previous century, and its impact was reflected in some songs and famous people’s lives. Gambling is surely fun, but it’s important not to cross the line of making it dangerous for you and your relatives.