6 Tips For Making Your Home More Appealing

Whether you’re simply looking to spruce up your home for your own enjoyment, or you’re looking to increase its appeal to potential buyers, it can be a difficult task getting your home into a state that you are happy with. Decorating a home can be expensive and requires a lot of consideration to get things the way you want them. To help you with this endeavour, we’ve put together some tips, ranging from what things to avoid and creative ways to make your home stand out from the rest.

Hang Curtains Correctly
First on the list are curtains and how they are hung. Curtains are incredibly important to the look and feel of a room and have both usefulness in shutting out the light and as an aesthetic element that can complete the look of a room. One of the biggest mistakes that people make with their curtains is not fitting them to their windows. Long, hanging curtains that reach the floor in front of any form of window that doesn’t also reach the floor can look unsightly. Instead, you should ensure that your curtains only hang to windowsill level. Otherwise, it looks as though your curtains have not been considered carefully at all. Similarly, if your curtains don’t reach the floor when hung in front of French doors, this can be just as bad, if not worse, so don’t forget to measure your curtains properly.

Accent A Room And Furniture
Suppose you’ve recently purchased a lovely new furniture suite or have recently painted the walls to freshen things up. In that case, there’s a possibility that you’re hesitant to take away from that fresh vibe with any extra colours. However, this can actually leave a room looking stale rather than fresh, and therefore it is wise to inject some character into the room in the form of something like throw cushions or a vibrant rug. Try to avoid making your room look like a sterile doctor’s office by adding a splash of colour. However, avoid going overboard with this and try to stick to an overall colour scheme. These colours should merely be accents to the room and no more.

Avoid Generic Décor
This is a very common mistake that we see people make regularly. Whether it’s a post on social media or when visiting friends and family, seeing a generic “live, laugh, love”-style decoration is enough to turn your stomach. Try to avoid using anything you often see with home designs. If you’ve made your lounge look like a showroom in a new housing estate, you’ve probably done something wrong. Of course, personal preference is important, and you should always decorate in a way that you’re comfortable with. However, just remember that these sorts of things can have a huge impact on the appeal of your home.

Add Something Unusual
Instead of adding generic decorations to your home, why not consider adding something unique and unusual to your shelves or mantlepiece. You could do this with your own personal photographs in some attractive frames, or even your own artwork if you’re interested in painting, for example. You could also consider some gorgeous antiques, from decorative ornaments to mirrors and even furniture. You could get yourself an antique rug, for example, to add a wonderful focal point to the room. There are so many different antiques you can find, so it should be straightforward to find something to match your interests and the overall theme of each room.

Make Use Of Artwork
One of the best things you can add to a home is beautiful artwork. This could be a piece done by a lesser-known artist, or if you have the funds, you could acquire an original from someone with a bit more status. Art serves two great purposes today. Firstly, it is beautiful or fascinating to look at, adding something special to your home. But alongside that, artwork can be an exceptional investment opportunity. It’s rare for a good piece of art to diminish in value. They either retain their value or increase in value as the status of the artist improves. As they become more widely known, their work becomes more appreciated and, therefore, more sought after. Because of this, artwork can provide you with some great talking points.

Utilise Your Lighting
Lastly, you’ll want to think carefully about how you set up your lighting. Bad lighting can make even the nicest room look unwelcoming and unpleasant. Whether that lighting is too dark or too bright, or simply in the wrong places, it can diminish the hard work you’ve put into your decorating. You should research how to light your home and spend time getting things just right. There are so many different options for lighting too, so it’s understandably a difficult endeavour. But with enough thought and care put into this area, you could transform your home from dingy and dull to warm and welcoming at the flick of a switch.