Unobvious Facts about Massage

Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic and aesthetic practices in human history, and today there are a huge number of its techniques and appointments: from highly specialized by prescription, to “relaxing” or “modeling”, which can be done in a beauty salon between eyebrow coloring and waxing. Meanwhile, the peculiarities, indications, and contraindications should always be first consulted with a medical professional to eliminate the risk of complications. If, after examinations, the doctor sees no obstacles, then here’s what you need to know before you go for a full body massage in Dubai to “stretch the muscles”, “improve tone” and “just because”.

The massage stimulates blood circulation, and metabolism, provides the organs and tissues with oxygen, and tones the muscles. Due to this, it activates the work of internal organs and lymphatic system, speeds up metabolic processes, helps in the recovery of the body, and contributes to psychological relaxation. Thus, massage ensures the proper functioning of the body and can be necessary at any age.

Clamping occurs when the radicular nerves are pinched, which spasm into the muscle. Blood flow is disrupted at this point: the vertebral disc becomes dehydrated and its elasticity decreases. Massage in such a situation helps restore blood flow, nourish the disc, and soften and relax the muscle. Otherwise, under the influence of other factors, these problems can develop into more severe forms – hernia, osteochondrosis, protrusion. For elderly people, massage is indicated to activate metabolic processes, which in the course of life are slowed down. Thanks to the supply of organs and tissues with oxygen, people feel much better.

You’ve probably wondered whether it makes sense to combine exercise and massage?

When is it better to do the procedure – before or after exercise?

I hope that what I tell you today will help you speed up the process of losing weight and improving your forms!

Massage before the training

If you do massage before training, it increases muscle tone and is a kind of a warm-up for the muscles! During such a sports massage, muscles get filled with blood and oxygen, and biochemical processes begin to accelerate in them. This increases the potential and strength of muscles and their relief. You will feel more enduring and you will be able to exercise one and a half times longer than usual.

Massage after the training

Massage and post-workout treatments work for weight loss. During physical activity, fluids fill your muscles and blood rushes to fat deposits. Massage and then follow-up treatments will work to break down the fat. This will accelerate weight loss.

I suggest a combination

For example, if you are working out to lose weight 3 times a week, try to get a massage 1 time before the workout and 2 times after. This will improve body contours and accelerate weight loss.

There’s another trick! Half workout.

You can alternate workouts: a workout for the muscles above the waist and a workout for the muscles below the waist (i.e. buttocks, legs), you have to work on the abs in both cases. And in the same way, add massages/treatments “before and after” on those muscles that will be stressed.

How is it good for women?

For example, the stomach, buttocks, and legs can be worked on their own with massages and wrap after the workout (most importantly, no later than 3 hours). And in the case of training the muscle corset above the waist, entrust a massage to a professional masseur.


All those who have not yet experienced a massage procedure, do not put it off! It will help you put your time to good use and lose weight faster if you exercise!