Top Quarantine-Free Destinations For Vacation in 2021

In most countries, quarantine for travellers is mandatory as Covid-19 restrictions are eased but with caution. There is an underlying fear of flying as things are starting to look normal.

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However, most vacationers find the 14-days quarantine period challenging and frustrating. They feel like the quarantine will mentally drain them down — spoiling the whole vacation mood.

Good news, there are some countries where you don’t have to undergo strict quarantine in 2021. So, read on as we put forth these destinations you should travel after all the COVID-19 restrictions in your country.

#1 Maldives

First on the list is Maldives. It is a dream destination of luxury & tranquility. The Maldives is an idyllic beach getaway with so much to explore.

No trip to the Maldives is complete without a dip in the water with your family and friends.

Travellers to the Maldives are required to present a COVID-19 test report, taken 96 hours earlier.

#2 Gibraltar

Second on the list is Gibraltar. It is full of surprises, right from its sub-tropical climate to the vast population of Barbary macaques. The speculator views and the splendid walks are key highlights making Gibraltar a perfect destination for nature lovers.

At present, there are no travel restrictions in place. All you need is to present a negative COVID-19 PCR test 48 hours before boarding the flights.

#3 Dubai

Dubai, the home to countless skyscrapers, is an incredible tourist destination. It has a lively food culture, covering a plethora of cuisines. These include French, Arab, Persian, Filipino, British, American, Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani. But, what draws travelers from all parts of the world to Dubai is the 1,000 km of coastline.

The travel guidelines in Dubai include a 72-hours COVID-19 RT PCR report.

The certificate must either be printed in English or Arabic. It should have a valid QR code, no SMS, digital certificate or handwritten note.

You may need to undergo the COVID-19 test upon your arrival at the Dubai airport. But, only if you show symptoms of being unwell.

#4 Cuba

With the exquisite beaches, soothing climate, rich architectural culture, Cuba is an attractive tourist destination. Home to the world’s 7 UNESCO heritage sites, it is a living museum as walking through the streets of Havana is like going back in time.

The American-style classic cars in the stress of Cuba is something getting your attention.

Face masks are mandatory in enclosed public places.

#5 Azores

Whether you are in quest of a relaxing beach or an adventure of a lifetime, Azores is a vacation destination that is on the budget list of most vacationers across the globe.

The mild temperature is what makes the Azores an excellent vacation spot for nature lovers. The black sand beaches, world-class diving, and gorgeous black sand beaches steal the show.

You have to provide a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR report 72-hours before boarding or where the Rapid Antigen Test is done 48 hours. Kids below the age of 12-years don’t need any report.

All the passengers arriving at the airport of Cuba are required to present a negative COVID-19 report, test done not longer than 72 hours.


As a piece of advice, vaccine in the arm, mask on face, we all are ready for vacation. Sanitize your hands regularly, and follow COVID appropriate behaviour for a safe & memorable vacation.

One thing you need to note, that the travel guidelines are updated regularly. So you must double-check before you book your flight tickets.