Wedding venues: what to look for when selecting wedding venues

Wedding VenuesBrides to be along with the groom to be ought to pay much attention when they select a place for a wedding. They have to be conscious of their budget and whether the facilities of the venue are sufficient for the occasion. Therefore, they ought to look for the venue at least one year before the wedding. Most venue providers accept advances for weddings about one year before the wedding. This is important since some months of the year are full of weddings reservations.

The Invitees

It is important that the selected location has enough room to accommodate all the invitees. A wedding venue may be cheap, but if it cannot accommodate all the guests, there is no use in reserving a place. Finding a suitable venue is often easier when working checking sites such as Also, the site should be suitable to entertain their respectable invitees and relations. The couples and related parties can decide how many guests they want to have for the wedding well before the occasion. They ought to check whether the venue has enough space to accommodate an extra number of guests should the need arises after booking a place.


When booking the venue, the couple has to inquire whether the venue providers offer any discounts. They also have to check what services they include for the price. Most hotels and wedding reception halls accept advances as well as deposits that they return after the wedding. The couple or related parties should know about the terms and conditions of the returnable deposits. They also should know when they should pay the balance. If they invite disabled people, they ought to ask the provider whether they have easy access for the handicapped.


Some people have to cancel their wedding due to some inevitable reasons. In such cases, the authorities of the reserved venues more often do not return deposits. However, most of the venue providers accept cancellations if the relevant parties inform them well before the weddings (about six months in advance). The related parties can know about the terms and conditions regarding the cancellation by negotiating with the venue providers. However, most of the wedding venues do not return deposited funds.


While the authorities of some venues allow wedding parties to decorate the place, others are reluctant to accept the request. Therefore, relevant parties should inquire about it and know whether they can shift furniture, pictures, and other objects and what limits are there on decorations. Some sites do not allow the lighting of real candles. This must also be a concern of the renting parties. If the management allows self-decoration, finding out on what day and time can the related parties do so is also important.

Coat Attendance Service

In the winter, almost all invitees will arrive wearing coats. Wedding planners must arrange for a staff member/s to handle cloaks. If there is no such service at the venue, then the hosts should provide a place for hanging coats and related matters.


Most wedding venues operate their catering services. In such cases, renters have to accept their catering services if they opt to rent a place. Such sites provide a range of menus for the couples to select from their preferred food items. On the other hand, some establishments allow outside caterers even though the food catering services are available within the place.

In addition to above, wedding couples and related parties should have to look at many aspects before they reserve venues. Parking facilities, safety measures, availability of soft drinks, wines, beverages, alcohol, open resting places, air conditioning, restrooms, changing rooms, toilet facilities are but a few of them.

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