Weekend Activities for Students in Birmingham

Birmingham is a wonderful city with its unique culture and heritage. It’s located in the West of England and is considered the second-largest city in the country. 

The city can offer you many things and activities because it is one of the most modern settlements in the Midlands with diverse culture and social and financial aspects. As a tourist, you will find many incredible attractions, wonderful shopping, and places where you can enjoy a delicious meal. Festivals take place there regularly. So you will never get bored if you visit Birmingham any time of the year. So many wonderful places we can see with plenty of free time to spare, but it’s not so easy to do if you’re a student who’s probably wondered “who could do my computer science homework for me” more than once. The solution has been found-there are now many websites where you can get help with your assignments.

For students, Birmingham is a perfect place to study and spend time with friends or mates. The city is evolving rapidly, turning into the second most popular city in England and The United Kingdom. That’s why students worldwide come here to study and learn more about the city’s culture. It is becoming one of the friendliest places in the country. And it’s no wonder why. Local people and tourists love spending their leisure time doing different activities, especially on the weekends.

Most Popular Weekend Activities for Students

Students in Birmingham tend to spend their weekends occupying themselves with different activities and events. Some students even would pay someone to do homework online for them in order to save more time on fun things. It’s very hard to resist and sacrifice the most pleasant things that the city can offer. If you are interested in applying to a university in Birmingham and joining the student community, you should know what to expect from the city and how much fun it can give you. You can try activities here which will never leave you indifferent and disappointed about the city.

Boat trip on the canals 

You can try boat trips when you want to spend time with people who come to visit you during your study. It’s a great chance to have a nice sightseeing journey around the industrial part of the city. You can learn a great deal of history when taking a trip on the boat. Parents who often come to visit their children during the study enjoy such meetings and pastimes. Unfortunately, this activity does not take place every weekend. You can try it only from Easter time till November. So, don’t waste your time, put away your studies, and enjoy the best ride with your best company. 

Electric cinema

Do you want to experience an unforgettable pastime with your friends or family members? Then, visit an electric cinema with its unconventional style and service that you will get while watching the movie. The waiter serves high-quality food, so if you don’t enjoy the movie, you will definitely like the snacks you are offered there. The cinema plays different movies of all genres. If you feel like watching the classics, you can have it here in the Electric cinema. It’s open every day. But if you want to choose the movie for a certain time, go to the website and learn the information about movies and the time. Weekends are quite busy visiting the place, so don’t miss it, take care of it in advance. 

The Harborne run

Do you have an urge to have fun with your friends and relax with a glass of beer? What fun can you think of when including this drink in it? Right, a pub crawl. You can’t imagine British culture without a beer. Local people find this activity both so exciting and funny because they have a chance to participate with their friends in an activity where it’s impossible not to laugh. The skills that are necessary to show here are endurance, perseverance, and some tactics. Participate in it on the weekends and have a good time with your friends!


Are you looking for something exciting and thrilling? Are you ready to experience the chill and rush? Then, this activity is for you and your friends. It is a wonderful adventure game that will make you feel on the edge of panic, but you will enjoy it so much and come back to take part in it again later. The game resembles the TV show about kidnapping, and you have to find the way out of the situation. You will be given only one hour to find the key and unlock the doors of the rooms where you will be kept. As a team, you will have to solve different clues and riddles to deserve the key to hold. But it’s not it. Which key would fit into the locker? Also, a good question to think about and cut off your head. 

Cannon Hill Park

It’s located not far from the city center. If you need a place to rest from the hustle and bustle of a busy city, you can find some solitude here. It’s a great chance to have a picnic with your friends in the park with a lot of diverse wildlife. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, and at the same time, observe its abundance of different plants and animals. It’s also a very inspiring place for your creative work of art. Find some time to visit it and get some fresh air into your lungs.