What impact has Steven Gerrard had at Aston Villa in his first few months in charge?

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Although the city has two top teams, it is Villa gaining most attention right now. This is not only because of their Premier League status but also because Steven Gerrard recently moved from Rangers to manage them.

But what impact has he had in his first few months at the helm?

Made them tougher to play against

Steven Gerrard’s impact at Aston Villa can be seen in how much tougher they are to play against now. While they were no soft touch under old boss Dean Smith, it is obvious to see that the players show that bit more grit under Gerrard. They have seemingly been inspired by the new boss to run more and put their bodies on the line to keep other teams out. A born winner in his playing days, it seems that these qualities have started to rub off on the Villa side he now manages.

Eased relegation fears

When previous manager Dean Smith was fired in November 2021, a run of five successive defeats had seen Villa slip to sixteenth in the table. This had fans nervous of an upcoming relegation battle. Since taking over, Gerrard has moved his side up to eleventh in the table currently and already on a points haul that makes relegation unlikely. This easing of relegation worries has been a major plus and now sees fans looking up the table – not down.

Attracted big-name stars to Birmingham

There is no doubt that his exploits as a player give Steven Gerrard a huge reputation in global footballing circles. This has enabled him to lure big stars like Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Digne to Villa Park, in order to work with him. Without Gerrard in charge, it is unlikely that top names like this would have chosen Villa over other clubs.

Gerrard’s impact plain to see

Anyone who knows football can see the impact Steven Gerrard has made since taking over at Aston Villa. Although he might only have been there a few months, he really has transformed the club’s fortunes and outlook.