What to prioritise when selling your home

If you’ve been browsing estate agent websites on your lunch breaks, or you’ve been eye-balling house prices in desirable areas such as Shropshire, then you might be considering selling your home. Before you start putting offers in for a new abode, it’s sensible to assess the current condition of your house. Taking a look at what can be improved and having an objective perspective on how appealing your home is will help you to successfully make the most of it on the market.

New windows

Leaky, steamed-up or cracked windows will almost certainly devalue your home. Single-glazed versions are also not ideal, as many people will factor in how much money they will waste on central heating. Finding a local double-glazing expert will help you to get your windows replaced in plenty of time to put it on the market. Be sure to be location-specific, as this will help you find local builders. For example, if you currently live in Bromsgrove you will want it to search for ‘windows Bromsgrove‘ on Google. Try and use a provider who can not only fit your windows reliably and securely but who also has plenty of positive reviews.

Appropriate decor

If you have a taste for bright green decor or purple accessories, this might be great in your home when it’s not on the market, but it might not be ideal for a home that needs to be sold. If you have an old children’s room that is vivaciously decorated with stickers, decals and bright colours, it might be time to give it a makeover. Of course, the new owner can do this, but you also want to get the best price for your home.


Some people may actually enjoy the thrill of moving to a new area or visiting potential homes, but no one loves paperwork. Sadly, this is an absolute top priority for any seller. You will need to:

Get your paperwork done in plenty of time and you will save your self a lot of hassle in the future.


Patching up and repairing your home doesn’t just refer to the odd leaky tap. It means investing money and time into focusing on the small details. You will need to replace carpets that look old and worn, replace dated and broken fixtures and maybe even update a few more aspects in and around the house. If you need a handyman to come and do these for you, then, by all means, commit to some extra cost: you may well make it back when your home is valued.

Putting your home on the market is coupled with tension. You might worry about how it will fare in the eyes of an estate agent and whether any agreements will fall through while your life is in boxes. The best way to prepare for a move is to create a check-list and tick it off as you move onto pastures new.