Super Cool And Healthy Ways Of Having Bagels For Every Meal

Bagels are a guilty pleasure for many people since they’re clearly not the epitome of healthy eating. However, if you like your bagels, and you don’t want to give up on them, there are ways to make them part of your diet without feeling that guilty. In other words, here are some cool and healthy ways to eat bagels that will not ruin your meal plans.

1. Have your bagel with some egg and avocado salad

Breakfast is a serious thing, but don’t just load your sliced bagel with the usual butter and jam. If you want to go the healthy route of having bagels, consider this option. Make some egg and avocado salad and put it between your bagel slices. From a well-written article, you can learn how to slice your bagel to perfection so that you can get to work and prepare healthy breakfasts.

2. Try veggie burgers

Another cool way to turn your bagels around is to use them as buns for your veggie burgers. There are many that sell for reasonable prices and are already prepared so that you only have to heat them a little. Add some lettuce and slices of tomatoes, and you’ll have a healthy burger that you can eat at lunch, or even later. Who said bagels are only a breakfast food?

3. Tofu works like a charm

For another vegan delight, you can also try some tofu combinations. Some crispy tofu spread with some nut butter on top of a bagel slice can really make your day, and you won’t crave food for hours. Therefore, you can use bagels in your diet to stay slim.

4. Honey and nuts

Your bagel can easily count as dessert, too. Of course, again, you should opt for something healthy that will keep your blood cholesterol low while still giving you plenty of satisfaction. Here’s a combination that never fails. Drip some honey on your bagel slices, and top with shredded nuts.

You’ll get your sweet tooth cravings satisfied, and you’ll also get some healthy fats in your diet, the kind that’s essential for a healthy heart.

5. If you want meat, go lean

Here’s another idea that will keep you satisfied while giving you the necessary dose of protein, and also allowing you to indulge in your bagels as you desire. Make an excellent deli sandwich, using a bit of turkey meat, and some veggies that go along fine.

6. A hummus bagel for the perfect lunch

No one says that you can’t have bagels at lunch or even dinner, especially if you nail the right combinations. For instance, you can try hummus as a topping because it is healthy, and also contains fiber, something that should never be amiss from your diet.

7. A fish sandwich is possible, too

If you have some smoked salmon slices lying around, and you have no idea what to do with them, you can try combining them with your beloved bagels. Made sure to add some green stuff to your sandwich, too, such as chopped coriander, or a bit of pesto. You will feel full, and you will be able to start the day on the right foot.

8. Tuna is another excellent choice

Salmon is a great idea, but so it’s tuna if you want a fish sandwich for lunch. Lean meats, like fish, have the advantage of feeding your body with the much-needed proteins but without the guilt of introducing too much fat into your diet.

9. Greek yogurt and chicken

To keep your bagels healthy, you need to compromise for other ingredients. For instance, never touch a bottle of mayonnaise ever again. Instead, choose Greek yogurt as your dressing. Add some curry chicken to the mix, and you will get the perfect bagel sandwich that no one can say it’s unhealthy.

10. Go for ricotta instead of cream cheese

An excellent idea for spring days is this combination. Slice your bagel as usual, and load the slices with ricotta and thin pieces of radish. You will love the taste, and you will also feel energetic as such a sandwich will provide you with all you need for strengthening your body after a long winter.