What You Should Know About Executive Private Jet Charters

Nothing can compare to flying private. While many people think that this type of travel is just a bit of an upgraded variant of admiring clear blue sky from the first-class cabin, in reality, the difference between the two is huge. In fact, lucky dudes who have already had a taste of being onboard executive private jet charters can tell you that the experience is simply incomparable, which is pretty easy to believe given the ever-growing interest in this exclusive service.

Well, if you feel that flying private may become your perfect fit but do not know exactly what bang you will get for your buck, read on to find out everything about the most luxurious way of travel available today.

Placing The World At Your Fingertips

Before turning to all that luxury and enormous space on the plane, let’s brush on some aspects, which are, actually, even more, important than fine dining and world-class entertainment. At the core, this sector of the air charter industry is dedicated to the highly personalized experience in every sense of this word. Clients are not only free to choose when and where to fly but they are also welcome to plan virtually every moment of staying on board and decide on what to eat, how to have fun, and whom to bring along.

Rest assured that the cream of the crop in this business makes every effort to exceed the expectations of their customers in terms of fully personalized services. The professionals say that there is a need to support the ongoing development of proprietary software that will allow people to keep track of previous flight history and preferences of all passengers. Amazingly, this way they won’t have to start from scratch every trip but will know their clients’ wishes the very moment they ask for a quote.

Food Onboard Private Jet

Food and drinks have always been a hot topic when it comes to air travel but unfortunately, over recent years, commercial airlines have managed to turn it into the subject of constant discontent. On the bright side, most private charters provide at least a small kitchen and catering team even for very short flights.

Needless to say, you can have everything you want providing you have ordered it in advance but if you haven’t (no worries, most people never bother to do it), you will be offered fresh and delicious meals of Michelin quality but limited to several options. Just a heads up, if you are a real gourmand or going to take a longer flight, do not leave the choice of food and drinks to chance, order in advance. The same is true if you are plotting a party.

Personal Space

When it comes to your personal space on the plane, a lot depends on the aircraft model and design, as well as the duration of your flight but one thing is for sure: you will be fascinated with the fact how spacious can be a plane you’ve flown many times without even enough room for your legs.

If it’s a longer flight, you can count on a luxurious private suite with a fully flatbed while some options will include a bath or a shower and even a spa room. Anyway, get ready to tap into the most fashionable and exciting atmosphere you can imagine because every detail of the interior will scream opulence.

Living Space

Whatever the capabilities of the plane you have chosen for your next private flight, be sure you can customize its living space the way it can cater directly to your needs during the entire flight. Anyway, the spacious lounge is usually the center spot for all gatherings and it’s up to you whether to turn it into a restaurant, conference room, or a home cinema.


As incredible as it may seem, many people wonder whether pets are welcome on private charters. Luckily for all owners of dogs, cats, and even some exotic creatures, most companies will gladly accept your four-legged friend in the main cabin. So, if you can’t imagine your business trip without your dog, you will certainly recognize the difference between flying private and flying first class. Anyway, you still have to make sure your pet is healthy and to bring its food and bowls.

Flying private makes even the run of the mill business trip an unforgettable journey, hence no wonder, people who experienced it once, usually do not want to return to “old” habits. However, the main advantages of executive private jet charters are their incredible flexibility and swiftness that boost productivity and help grow business.