When to Choose SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing, many strategies can be used. The two most common ways are SMS marketing and Email marketing. But which one to choose? Well, this article is going to provide a solution to that question. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of planning a winning strategy.

1. Advantages of SMS Marketing

These days everyone has a mobile phone. Therefore this can be a very fruitful opportunity to get new customers. Another advantage is that SMS can be read very quickly. It takes less than three minutes to read a text message. SMS has a 20% higher response rate than phone calls or emails.

It leads to the second advantage: there will be a higher level of engagement between the company and the customer. Another advantage of SMS is that no internet is required to send or receive them.

Hence you can reach those who don’t have access to the internet. It would ensure a larger customer base. You can also use SMS to send quick notifications to customers. These can be any new updates about the business. If you want to know more about the pros of SMS marketing, check out my google reviews.

2. Disadvantages

SMS can be very annoying for customers, especially if they are the same kind of SMS sent repeatedly. Mistimed SMSs are also very annoying for customers because sometimes companies send SMS late or not in time for any campaign they are running.

By the time customer knows about those offers or deals, the time has already passed. SMS also requires you to be very creative because of the character limit. You will have the task of conveying much information shortly and concisely. Sometimes this does not produce a good result.

Cost is also an issue when it comes to SMS, as it costs money to send SMS. The cost of a single SMS will depend on your network providers and the region you live in. Lastly, people do not trust SMS, especially if it is not constructed properly. It can also result in you losing customers. If you want to know about a salon online reputation, then get on to google and check out the different tools you can use.
3. Advantages of Email

Email marketing is very effective. You will have more control over your campaigns. You can use them to target specific demographics and customize the emails to get more engagement from the customer. It is because people tend to trust email more, as they give your business a more professional look.

More than 60% of customers expect emails from the brands they communicate with. Email marketing has a higher return on investment as it generates more than what is spent on email marketing. Email marketing will also be around for a way longer time than SMS, meaning that learning about its ins and outs will benefit you in the future. Automation is another advantage of email marketing; it will save you time. If you combine this with analytics, you will increase your engagement even more.

4. Disadvantages of Email Marketing

The first disadvantage of email marketing is that there are fewer rates of people opening their emails and reading them. As many companies use email marketing, people’s inboxes are full of emails. Thus, they avoid opening all of them. Instead, they probably use the “mark all as read” option and empty their inbox. It is because email marketing can be very spammy, which is not very effective for getting new customers.

Spam mail has its separate folder now, so your potential customer will probably never even see you if you don’t word your email right or keep sending the same email. Along with that filter can also block emails from you, which will also decrease your visibility to the customer. Check out personal reputation management for more info.

5. Which is the Best Option?

If you want to pick one out of these two, go for email marketing. Its advantages certainly outweigh SMS marketing. However, if you are open-minded enough, there is a third option to choose both. Both provide something different, and each can balance its pros and cons. For Example, you can use SMS marketing for short notifications, updates, offers, and email for a proper long version of any detailed plan you want your customer to know about.

You can send SMS about any important emails you want your customer to read. Both can easily work together; many big brands use both to increase their customer engagement across the board. So, by combining the advantages of SMS that circle the mobile device availability and email marketing’s high customer response, you can use both to create better results.

To conclude, there is no one good or bad option for these two forms of marketing. Both work together very well and can be easily implemented in your business marketing strategy. You can critically analyze both and see which option will help you reach the marketing goals.