Wine in the Outback: 6 Must-go Wine Regions in Australia

When you think of Australia, the first things that come to mind are the kangaroos and koalas. These animals are the mascots of the country and are adorable. Wine certainly isn’t on the mind of a lot of people when they go to Australia. However, did you know that Australia is the 5th largest exporter of wine?

Australia has a lot of wineries and more than 60 designated wine regions evenly scattered across the country. Australian wine is known for its taste and quality, with some being known as sweet wines. The vineyards in the outback offer tourists a unique experience when visiting. Not only do these wineries offer wine tasting, but they also provide vineyards as elegant spaces for weddings, anniversaries, and even parties.

The Land down under truly has remarkable wineries that produce excellent wine. For you to experience one-of-a-kind moments with your friends and family, here are some of the best wineries to visit in Australia:

Margaret River

Just south of Perth, Margaret River is another small town in Australia which boasts a lot of wineries and beaches. Tourists can go on drives or walks near the town where lush forests and clean parks abound.

The town is also known for its bustling nightlife. Margaret River virtually comes to life at night, offering both tourists and locals a unique, exciting, and warm culinary experience. The town excels in producing wines that come from vineyards planted with either Sauvignon Blanc or Cabernet Sauvignon.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s major wine regions. The region is famous for its Shiraz and Semillon grape varieties. With a rich history in wine-making, the Hunter Valley is considered to be the oldest in the country, dating back to the 1800s.

Today, Hunter Valley is known for its numerous tourist attractions such as the Hunter Valley Gardens and the Scarborough Wines Co. The Hunter Valley Gardens is a large park that has ten unique gardens over an area of 25 acres.

Scarborough Wines Co. is one of the wineries located in the region and offers a lot of things to do for tourists. For one, visitors can partake in the winemaking process, which produces Semillon wine and wine from other varieties such as Verdelho, Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

McLaren Vale

Located in South Australia, McLaren Vale is a town that’s known for its famous wine regions and impressive beaches. The town is home to sustainable vineyards which produce world-class wines. The breathtaking coastline of McLaren Vale is a sight to behold, an experience that tourists will never forget when visiting the town.

McLaren Vale also produces Shiraz, but the town is more known for providing the best Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. The Sea and Vines Festival is also held in the town. The festival spans across three days, allowing visitors to experience and taste several selections of wines and food. The Sea and Vines festival usually happens around June.

Yarra Valley

An hour’s drive from Melbourne, the Yarra Valley provides tourists with a wide selection of wineries to go to. Known as one of the best regions for winemaking, the Yarra Valley boasts its production of high-class Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Yarra Valley also has a lot of points of interest to go.

The De Bortoli Yarra Valley Estate is a must-go place for tourists who to sample fine sparkling wine and delicious cheeses that are the local specialties of the region. Another excellent place to go in the Yarra Valley is the Edendale Community Environment Farm. Known for its sustainable practices, the farm has activities such as feeding turkeys, chickens, and see other farm animals. The place is child-friendly and is an excellent addition to any tourists’ itinerary.

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is one of the most recognized wine regions in Australia. Tourists can find the towns of Angaston, Nuriootpa, and Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. The variety of grapes grown in this valley are the Shiraz grapes. Shiraz grapes are the specialty of the Barossa Valley.

Several attractions in the valley such as the stone cottages and old churches are a number one tourist attraction. The Farmer’s Market, located in the town of Angaston, has a lot to offer to compliment your wine tasting experience. The market is an excellent place to get cheese, milk, fruits, and vegetables.

Mornington Peninsula

Home to more than 150,000 people, the Mornington Peninsula is home to several wineries and farms that produce excellent wine and food. Several wineries such as Rahona Valley, Quealy Winemakers, Kerri Greens, and Ocean Eight offer tourists a part in the winemaking process.

The Mornington Peninsula is also famous for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Merrick’s creek is another winery in the peninsula that offers excellent food and wine to its guests. Exploring the Mornington Peninsula and its wineries is an experience that most travelers will treasure for a long time.


Aside from experiencing the beaches of Bondi and the outback, Australia also has several wine regions that are famous for attracting tourists. Places like Hunter Valley, Mornington Peninsula, the McLaren Vale, and Margaret River, all have their attractions. However, it’s the diverse selection of wines and cuisines that genuinely make these wine regions breathtaking.

Photo by Sven Wilhelm on Unsplash