You have been chosen as the groom’s wingman, and you want to sail as far as possible from the stage traditions of having to shame the groom as much as possible. You want a good weekend out with the rest of the crew with drinks and foods assured and participate in some exhilarating activities. Standard stag parties involve too much booze and embarrassing party ideas like stripping and what have you. It is, therefore, your responsibility to change this to more civilized party ideas or cling to the established ways. Whichever you choose, ensure the weekend goes exceptionally well such that the groom walks into the next phase of life feeling content with the one he leaves behind. This article offers you plenty of ideas which you can pick from at the last minute rush. Poor organization can cost your outing. You are likely to leave certain things or overlook specific details, hence the reason why you may want to hire an entertainment specialist to assist you or bail you out whenever you get stuck. Much as humiliating the groom doesn’t sound like a good idea for an elegant and satisfying farewell to bachelorhood, it is always in the books whenever you want to resurrect it. However, in this article, we shall discuss sane and fun party ideas.

Matchday weekends

Are you sports mad? If you are, then this is a perfect weekend for you and your crew of lads to schedule a live match experience. You may reach out to travel agencies help to arrange for transport and accommodation and match day tickets, or you can have your tickets from online sales, then book cheaper hotels and use public transportation before the event. After the game, you can take up the stadium tours as well as the team museum, etc.

Manchester games

Manchester games feature plenty of game activities where participants are usually asked to split themselves into teams by the attending marshal in readiness for the game. However, these events rely on numbers; hence, the least number of the stag headcount must be 8 for them to be registered for participation. Such games include; Boddingtons, Haydock jocks, street bowling, wonder wall, etc. in addition to the minimum participation requirement, te stags are instructed to be in unique attires. You can make the groom put on something hilarious. So it is you and your team having the fun of your life, and your photos are taken in live-action. These are the experiences you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Otherwise, the games are mad fun. You might want to consider checking them out.

The alien invasion

This is like a movie. Not the James Bond kind of movie but the kind where you are at war. You are faced with aliens, and people are depending upon you to neutralize the situation and become a hero. Usually, the participants have to be taken briefly through arms and weaponry training. So, the battleground is some smoky ship where it has been established that it’s harboring aliens. It was confirmed by the demise of the previous combat officers who were slain, and they are still waiting for more blood. In other terms, it feels like you are acting, though the situation is made to be scary so you can get out a victor and a hero.

Whiskey tasting

The main objective here is to serve your curiosity as well as ensure you finally get to appreciate different flavors of whiskey and scotch with your crew. This activity does not discriminate against age. In fact, you get to be told stories by those old folks about different brands in service. They don’t have to be accurate, as long as it passes the day, and you are kept happy with your fellow stag goers. The drinks are carefully crafted and mixed with impressing, well you can ensure you get the best by hiring a mixologist who is not a bimbo. Other than making this a cool idea that all are likely to participate, you are as well getting to satisfy everyone’s thirst for the drinks you came with. However, this activity should probably be done after exhausting the day’s events. Some of the crew members are likely to get dead drunk incapable of anything afterward.

The country gents’ experience

Give yourself and your crew the sophisticated experience of a country boy. Here, you get to hire a cool ranch (many people have set up these for the business you don’t have to visit the west) where the surrounding is pure magic of a country ranch. Here you get to enjoy yourselves in falconry, pigeon shooting, archery, hunting, and best of all, horseback riding. The experience here is out of the world, and you end up having a cold glass of drinks in the local dive bar as the day sets.

Liquor goggle football

NOTE: in this sport, you are probably going to have to visit the doctor for injury checkups or, you may end up laughing your lungs out instead.

This is a game activity where the participants are required to wear special gaming glasses, which are, in other words, binoculars. A team of 5 a side players is picked, and they face off in a vintage football match. The trick is that the football itself is illusioned, so it is viewed to be either smaller than it really is, more significant than its actual size, further than its actual distance or closer than your imagination. The thrill in the game comes when people make false passes, miss the ball altogether, collide, or score imaginary goals. The glasses make the player have a drunk feeling. That is why it is known as liquor goggle football.

Bubble soccer

Well, this is an insanely exciting game; it is called zorbing, where each player is in restricted movement inside a bubble suit. So, you have a feeling of being afloat and playing football at the same time, insane, right?

Road trip

Road trips are very masculine. However, this will only be ideal if the stag group is much smaller. You need to map out a route to visits some country hot spots where you can introduce some games there like treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. You can as well throw camping in there where you come with complete camping packages.

The Bottom Line

This article helps you to discover some of the most exciting stag ideas for stags all over the world. In the ideas highlighted, you would not need booking for at least two weeks. These are the best party ideas for last-minute organizers. However, you should not be limited to these since there are thousands of more ideas you can tap into. Furthermore, you can as well invent your own thoughts and see off the weekend in style. You can learn more here https://celebratejustright.co.uk