6 Best Tricks to Win Your Next Word With Friends Game

Word With Friends is all fun and loving until your opponent starts getting better of you, and you also turn on the competitive mode. You can feel the pressure sometimes playing Word With Friends because of the clock ticking. 

You can enjoy this game with families and friends if you only wish to play friendly. However, you might need to outclass to win against your opponents. You are at the right place if you want to ace your upcoming Words With Friends game. Here are some tips to follow.

1) Prioritize Solving Words in Parallel Lines

Matching or making words parallelly makes it easy to set up words that give high-value points/combos. Playing some words horizontally at the starting of the game can also similarly benefit you.

By following this tip, you can effortlessly make new words by intersecting letter tiles with rows and columns that are already there. It helps you control the board in a better way. It can also help you stop your opponent from playing high-scoring words.

2) Try to Make Four or Five Letter Words

Matching or creating shorter words keeps your gameplay towards the center of the board. Longer words look great at first glance, but they also make you vulnerable. It can help your opponent to score double and triple bonus points. 

A player can score these types of bonuses towards the edges. So, keeping the game towards the center helps you control these bonuses.

3) Using Cheat Tools

You can easily forget even the most common words while playing word games like Scrabble or Words With Friends. But, it does not feel good when you compete in an intense match.

However, this does not have to stop the fun while you play the game. You can use a cheat tool to win or improve your vocabulary. You can learn and generate new words using these cheat tools.

These tools also allow you to search words based on their character length, difficulty, and starting and finishing letters. You can click here to use a decent word finder tool. 

4) Use High-Scoring Letters Strategically

You might get stuck using letters like X, J, Y, Q, etc. However, these letters can be your secret weapon. You can take a good advantage over your opponent if you learn to use these letters efficiently.

One of the best ways to do this is by memorizing some common words that contain a combination of these letters. For instance, common words like these can benefit you a big time.

  1. Oxidize,
  2. Muzjik,
  3. Jinxed,
  4. Jinx,
  5. Jukebox,
  6. Jazz,
  7. Jeez, and more.

5) 2-Letter Words Can Be Your Friends

Unlike other games like Scrabble and Boggle, word length does not matter much in Words With Friends. A 2-letter word can also give you enough bonus points if they include consonants of high value.

These words give you an advantage over other words because you can tuck them easily almost anywhere. Some common examples are

  1. XU,
  2. ZA,
  3. QI,
  4. HM,
  5. XI,
  6. JO,
  7. JA.

These words can give you high scores.

6) Use Suffixes and Prefixes

Suffixes and Prefixes can give you an edge over your opponent. Prefixes are the words that you add at the beginning of another word to make a new word. Suffixes are the words that you add at the end of another word to make a new word.

It is much easier to use your opponent’s word than to put effort and energy into making your own. Most commonly used prefixes and suffixes are











Tion and the list continue.


Prioritize using online tools over Google if you want to win word games. Google also gives relevant results but it asks you to enter individual queries for individual answers.

Online tools give you all the necessary answers and cheats at the same place.