6 Creative Ideas To Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

6 Creative Ideas To Spice Up Your Next Corporate Event

People enjoy attending corporate parties for fun and excitement. When planning your next event, it is important to ensure that your event meets the expectations of attendees. Organizing a corporate event requires the proper organization to ensure that everything is in order. One of the best things to do is to work with a professional and experienced event planning company in Dubai. Here are creative ideas to make your next corporate event more successful.

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Creating memorable corporate event experiences

Organizing a corporate event should focus on giving attendees memorable experiences. Apart from hiring a professional event-planning agency, a successful corporate event is more than booking a keynote speaker. The professionals likely to attend your event need to get time off their usual work schedule. Attendees to your event look forward to learning new market trends, sharpen their skills, and to gain credit for recertification. This is a smart way to get a break from the regular work schedule.

The best event planning company will organize your corporate event while ensuring that all attendees leave your event feeling satisfied and entertained. This is through planning engaging activates to take the edge off the attendees. The right company will organize a corporate event that will make a lasting impression on attendees. Below are ideas to make your next corporate event more successful.

Offer photo booths

In today’s’ social media era, the best event planning companies in Dubai understand the benefit of offering attendees social media photo booths. These are very appealing and allow attendees to take selfies for sharing on their social media. This doubles the exposure of your brand. People like sharing all aspects of their life on social media. Offering photo booths in various areas in your conference room will draw many people to take selfies. Sharing the images directly on their social media pages is a great boost to your brand exposure.

Interactive serving stations

Food and drinks cannot miss on your corporate event. After the various interesting activities, everyone will be looking forward to what you are to serve them for food and refreshments. For your corporate event, the vent planner should prepare customizable cocktail bars. Another idea is to have live cooking stations for chefs to fire up delicious snacks as the attendees watch. A professional event planner will always think outside the regular food box for attendees to enjoy their meal while having an amazing experience.


Many professionals do not get appropriate time to enjoy their singing hobby. A professional event planner can capitalize on this untapped talent for attendees to have a great experience. No one with dreams of becoming a great singer will hesitate to hit the stage with a microphone for their 5 minutes of fame. Even for those few minutes. This will offer live entertainment on your event to give everyone an amazing experience that will stick in their minds.

Swag stations

Professionals just like other people love freebies regardless of their paycheck. Your professional event planner should consider including customizable swag stations to enhance your marketing effort on the event. When sending invitations via email or social media for your event, let everyone know that they can contribute some things they no longer need to the swag station. These stations make a wonderful interaction area for people to spark conversations with others during your corporate event.

Escape room

People who are likely to attend your corporate event usually have their brains working as they listen to industry influencers and keynote speakers on your event. Therefore, consider keeping their brains working tirelessly while figuring out real-life puzzles. Offering an escape room during your corporate event encourages interaction among attendees.

Additionally, include some team building practices for attendees who represent their companies in groups. To make the make of the escape room requires keeping its theme relevant to the vent topic. Additionally, ensure to offer a motivational narrative that will encourage everyone to participate. This will offer attendees appropriate time to escape from the regular work schedule and to become more collaborative.

Following up

Finally, organizing a corporate event has a purpose in mind. After the event, you will have to evaluate the return on investment. This requires knowing the number of leads and sales generated. Additionally, it is very important to follow up on prospects. The follow up might make them invest in your product or service. It is through this that you can evaluate how successful your event was.

Bottom line

Organizing a corporate event requires leaving no stone unturned. The overall experience gives to attendees will determine the success of your event. Fortunately, a professional Dubai event-planning agency will incorporate ideas like social media phone booths, karaoke, wag stations, and an escape room. This will give everyone a pleasant experience to make your event memorable.