7 Ways to Spruce Up a Patio Area

Patios are often an area of our home that we neglect. They are relatively low maintenance when compared to other parts of the property, but over time this neglect can start to become obvious. It should be somewhere we can relax and entertain people, not somewhere we are embarrassed about. While improving an old patio can seem like a huge task, there are some key areas that can make a big difference, with very little effort or expense. If you are fed up of feeling like you can’t use your patio, here are 7 ways to spruce it up, ready for the spring.

1. Repair Damaged Paving

Chipped, faded, or cracked paving is one of the biggest factors contributing to a tired-looking patio. If you can afford to replace the patio, this will obviously have the biggest impact, but if not, you may be able to repair the areas which are damaged. Alternatively, consider replacing a section (or all) of the patio with DIY resin-bound paving, which is a low cost, simple, but effective way to add new life to a patio.

2. Remove Weeds from Cracks

Weeds are a common problem for homeowners trying to keep their patio looking its best. You can keep on top of weeds yourself by pulling them up regularly, or you can spray them with weed killer. If you’re concerned about using chemicals on the patio because you have children or pets, there are organic weed killing solutions.

3. Invest in a Gazebo

A gazebo, or pergola, will provide a shaded area over the patio, which means you can still sit outside, even in blazing sun or rain. There are some very beautiful designs and styles, and they range in price from a few hundred pounds up into the thousands.

4. Power Wash the Patio

If the patio is still in good condition but simply looking a bit dirty or tired, a power wash may be all that is needed. Power washing can make a patio look as good as new, and acid stain remover can often get rid of stubborn marks.

5. Buy Patio Furniture

If you do not have patio furniture that you find comfortable or attractive, you are unlikely to spend time out there or want to entertain guests. Consider investing in some comfortable seating, a table and outdoor patio umbrella that can live outside all year round. Many styles include soft cushions for extra comfort, which can be easily removed in bad weather. It’s also fashionable at the moment to have a 2-3-person hammock with its own structure, i.e. it doesn’t require a tree.

6. Bring in Potted Plants

A quick and low-cost way to add colour and interest to a patio is to add some potted plants on the floor, or in hanging pots. Make sure the plants will get enough natural light and pick some bold colours to add some personality and some gorgeous smells, such as lavender and honeysuckle.

7. Add Some Lighting

Some simple lighting will lift the whole patio and also enable you to use the area well into the evening. Consider choosing solar garden lights that don’t require electricity to avoid adding to your energy bills and impacting the environment.

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