Rebellion. Ruin. Reconciliation. Restoration…. Welcome to the Prodigal Journey of Alabama 3.

For the lost highway called, and so they went and lived loosely, squandering their estate on expensive fuel in lowly service stations, spending gold, without shitting silver. They searched for glory and could not find her. They tried real hard, and for a time they thought they had her in their grasp. But in the morning, they pulled her lashes from our mouths, and her bullets from their spleens and left through a back alley, limp and feeling used.

So after laying with swine for too long, Alabama 3 grew hungry for the old stretch, the familiar robes and the fattened calf that perhaps waited for them at home. They found their way onto a beaten track that took them down the old back roads to the familiar place. Through the windows, they saw them coming over the hills and rejoiced “Given up for dead and now alive! Given up for lost and now found!”

And so it was that on March 16th 2015, Alabama 3 entered Dean Street Studios, all nine of them in tow, with a back line of broken backs and shattered dreams. “We fought and screamed, we drank and moaned. Some days, when he showed up, Larry got too much for us, so we’d exiled him to the bars of Soho, letting him sink over a limey larger, while Rev. D seized some spotlight. And amongst a new catalogue of democratically elected songs, a gem emerged which documented our journey to date.”

Their 13th to date, this record is a marauder of pure, soulful Rock’ n’ Roll, a dark waiting room, where our fears run free. This one is a notable departure from their W.O.M.B.L.E series of mixtapes released in 2013 and 2014, “though we ain’t repenting for no experiments made. Does that mean we’ve slowed down the tempo? Hell no! You’ll find a new wave of seedy acid lines steering those trademark Alabama 3 beats, through Larry and D.Wayne’s absurdist brag, Aurora’s soulful cry and Freebase branded licks.

We’ve done it all to get lost again, and the best way to ensure this happens, is to send us back out on the road. The first leg of our national tour will begin in Southampton on October 29th, kicking off a circuit of the UK with more dates to follow in 2016.”

Alabama 3 play Birmingham’s Alfie Birds on Sunday 6th December with support from The Hungry Ghosts.

Maybe you’ll get lost with us. Maybe you’ll find something you didn’t know was missing. Either way come armed with conspiracy theories. Come armed with good clobber. It’s the right time to get paranoid!

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