Amala Spa & Club Review

The opportunity recently arose to review the Amala Spa & Club situated beneath the Hyatt Regency Hotel, so I gave it a whirl.

Amala is an urban day Spa in the heart of the city centre, offering respite from the daily hustle and bustle of city life. The Spa comprises of five state-of-the-art therapy rooms. Amala is home to a Turkish Hamman and a private Hammam treatment room with a marble table where traditionally inspired therapies are applied in a warm steam environment. The treatments are described as ‘building upon the cornerstones to well-being, sound nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind and care of the face and body’.

Amala Spa

Amala massage room BirminghamStepping out of the lift, I was greeted at reception with a friendly member of the Amala team. As I am currently training for my 10th half marathon, I decided leg massages would be perfect, and after a heavy weekend partying, my skin probably needed some tlc, so I opted for a facial too.

The treatment rooms are beautifully appointed and private, with relaxing music and aromas, perfect to unwind and enjoy the experience.

I’ve tried sports massages before, from very accomplished therapists, and although I’d chosen the Swedish, I asked for a firm massage when on the table and something to address the stiffness in my calves from running. The massage at Amala actually stands up to those sports massages easily. It took a couple of days for my legs to fully recover, which was exactly what I would have expected and proves the treatment is not just superficial, this treatment actually does benefit you if done right.

My face was then stretched and contorted, massaged and masked during the ‘Recover Touch Facial’. This is an oxygen boosting facial that contains Goji Berries to promote anti oxidants in the skin. The massage was a strange experience for me, and I’m glad no one was there taking photos for this review.. my face felt pretty awesome after though, I now know why this is a multi mullion dollar industry. I want it again already!

Other treatments on offer include: Swedish full body massage, Deep tissue full body massage, Sports massage, Himalayan Salt Massage. You can try various facials, from Hydramemory (Good for dry/dehydration skin types. Boosts moisture levels) to Active Pureness (Ideal for oily skin or anyone in need of a deep clean. Cleans out dirt and reduces blocked pores.) There are also Deluxe manicures and Pedicures.

Amala Club

Amala pool BrumAfter the massage and facial, I was ready for the jacuzzi and a swim. I didn’t have time to test out the gym, but a quick peer through the window and everything looked well spaced out and not too busy.

The full-service Amala Club features a fully refurbished, well-equipped gymnasium and cardiovascular training room. In addition, there is a 16 metre heated indoor swimming pool, a sauna, a steam room, a whirlpool and a cold water plunge pool.

So the jacuzzi was ultra relaxing, I was lucky enough to have it all to myself, and lay there undisturbed dreaming of desert islands, and hula hula dancers, I just needed a cocktail.. Then a bloke jumped in and I had to budge over. We got chatting and he is a member of the Fitness Centre.

As an inspiration for anyone who works in the city centre and wants to get fit, this chap had packed in smoking 6 months previous, and now regularly attends Amala gym, then swims and chills in the jacuzzi every lunch break. He avoids various other gyms in town as they can apparently become very busy. If I lived in the city centre again, this would no doubt be my first choice of both gym and pool.

The Hyatt pool is a well cared for, light airy and relaxing place. It wasn’t particularly busy either, so again, another enjoyable experience and a chance to get a few lengths in.

The cardio gym offers a full range of Matrix cardiovascular equipment, including a dedicated running zone with four treadmills, three bikes (upright and recumbent), steppers and elliptical trainers, and a Concept II Rower. All Matrix cardiovascular equipment is compatible with Nike+ and iPod for the gym, and comes equipped with an individual LCD screen providing users with their personal choice of television and/or radio stations. The weights gym also provides a four-way multi-station functional weight trainer and a wide selection of dumbbells.

I would recommend the Amala Fitness Centre as a great little oasis, in the heart of what is increasingly becoming a fast paced, noisy, city centre. The staff are professional, experienced and friendly. 10/10.

For membership enquiries, call Amala Club directly on +44 (0)121 632 1690 or e-mail Gift certificates are available to purchase online.

Review by Nick Byng for Grapevine Birmingham.