Bingoo Benj is Bingo Call of the Year!

Bingo callers help to make bingo what it is: lively and enjoyable. They call out the numbers, adding the sometimes cheeky, always funny, bingo callouts along with them, like “Tweak of the thumb, for number 51” and “Man alive, it’s number five!” Not forgetting the other bingo lingo we pick up from them to make the game even more captivating, such as “WTG”, which is used online to mean “Way to go!” when someone wins. 

Bingo callers are popular, whether online or in a land-based bingo hall. In fact, they’re so popular that there is The National Bingo Game Caller of the Year competition that runs every year. This year, the winner was announced on 13th November, and the winner is Benj Maycock, also known as Bingoo Benj.

Who is Bingoo Ben?

Previously working as a binman for Birmingham City Council, Benj saw an advertisement for a show host and decided to apply. It was then that Bingoo Benj was born! 

This year Bingoo Benj took part in The National Bingo Game Caller of the Year competition. In a mammoth task, judges managed to narrow down the competitors from over 200 to eight, which included Bingoo Ben. Judges had criteria to follow, which made it slightly easier for them to reach their decision.

Finalists were judged on their bingo knowledge, stage presences, as well as their Caller skills. This involved contestants calling numbers and using bingo lingo whilst entertaining the audience and judges. Bingoo Benj stood out with his performance of his rap B!ingo! and was declared The National Bingo Game Caller of the Year.

Deciding where to Play Bingo

Bingoo Benj works as a land-based bingo caller, although there are also bingo callers online for live bingo. Having a live bingo call makes playing online closer to what it’s like to play in a bingo hall. Plus, there’s more of a chance of banter between the bingo caller and players. Bingo callers also help to keep the game flowing and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves as they play.

So players have the best of both worlds as they can choose to play bingo at a bingo hall or in the comfort of their own home. Just as there’s a themed night in a bingo hall, there are online bingo rooms, each with its own themes, as well. All you need to do is decide what’s the best way for you to play a game when you feel like it. 

Bingo is a versatile game, so much so that there’s little to no difference where you play, whether it’s a bingo hall or in an online bingo room. It’s really down to your preferences. Sometimes you may want to go out to play, whereas other times, you just want to chill in your jammies and relax on the sofa whilst you do. Both are OK, and both are just as good as each other. You just need to find the theme and jackpot that’s right for you and get playing.