Cedar Sessions new monthly live music nights at 1000 Trades!

The very first Cedar Sessions new monthly live music nights is happening THIS THURSDAY BABY with the oh so charming Kate Thompson.
Thursday is the new Friday and alternative music nights are the new staying in and doing the washing up.

What Cedar Sessions are saying:

‘Cedar Sessions extends a warm invitation to come inside from the mainstream and celebrate Birmingham as the home of creativity. Pop your Swifts in the umbrella stand, darling, and check your Sheerans at the door – we present to you a ragbag of alternative songwriting, exhibiting the very best new music from Birmingham based musicians. And it’s all flipping free!’
What they’re saying:
‘An unparalleled achievement!’
What she’s saying:
‘Enter into the rare psyche of Kate Thompson via tempo and time signature twists and gently picked out guitar melodies growing up amidst thrashed out hilarity.
Now a solo performer, Kate formed kategoes (www.kategoes.com) in 2005 and is settling into maturity with a twinkle in her eye. Influences include Biff Rose, The Famous Jug Band, The Kinks and The Wombles. Oh and The Velvet Underground.’ Do come!