Choosing an engagement ring? Then be sure to take note of these brands

Now what man wouldn’t want to impress his love with the most beautiful engagement ring! And the choice is not just about the size of the diamond, as many might think. The shape that the diamond is cut into and perhaps even the choice of other stones which might surround the main one may also have an impact on the overall look of the ring.

The style of the ring is also important and should resonate with the bride’s personality and tastes. Would a minimalist ring in a simple design be the right choice, or maybe a more ornate ring with romantic details could be the one? If you don’t want to leave anything to chance then let yourself be inspired by those who are most knowledgeable and work in the field. Map out the collections of well-known jewellery brands and progressively work your way to the right piece of jewellery which will also have lasting value.

Tiffany & Co.

This iconic brand opened its first boutique in New York City in 1837. It continues to set trends in the jewellery industry today and regularly comes up with groundbreaking collections. Their engagement rings rely heavily on classic designs that allow the diamond’s sparkle to shine through. Their range includes striking halo rings, as well as more extravagant fancy yellow diamonds.


The French jewellery brand Cartier is a symbol of luxury and refined taste. Among their engagement rings there is a reference to history in the 1895 collection whereby one distinctive stone – a solitaire – always stands out and is set in a traditional manner using four prongs. In their collections, you can also choose from other precious gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies apart from simply diamonds.


This fresh and original jewellery brand based in Prague continues the rich history of Czech gold and jewellery making. The KLENOTA jewellery studio prides itself on their genuine hand crafted jewellery which is modern and at the same time not afraid of contemporary trends. They have a very wide selection of designer engagement rings and they regularly introduce new pieces. You definitely don’t want to miss their sparkling halo rings or specially matched sets of engagement and wedding rings. Lovers of fancy diamonds and less traditional colour stones such as the romantic salmon coloured morganite will also come into their own.

Image source is KLENOTA.
Image source is KLENOTA.


Catbird is a relatively young American jewellery brand that prides itself on being open with their customers. It offers them the chance to take a peek under the hood of jewellery making on regular tours of their studio in the Brooklyn borough of New York. If you don’t want to stick to the traditional idea of an engagement ring then you might just find the right ring here. Their pieces have a touch of vintage style, with “salt and pepper” diamonds, asymmetrically shaped rings and other interesting pieces which you won’t see on just anyone.


And finally, we have something for lovers of minimalist elegance. This Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches and jewellery also has a range of engagement rings with diamonds in a brilliant cut in timeless designs which have interesting details such as a ring with a cube pattern or a diamond set into a heart shaped band. The inconspicuous hallmark of Chopard rings is their engraved letter C on the side of the band.