Derren Brown’s Showman at The Alexandra Theatre review by Maddie Booth

Derren Brown, the ever-popular multi-award winning master of mind control and illusion, brought his SHOWMAN tour to The Alexandra Birmingham on 6 to 10 September 2022.

Derren commented: “2022 will be the biggest tour I’ve done in 20 years. It’s exciting and daunting and I’m considering a bigger suitcase. Maybe even a four-wheeler. It’s madness and I can’t wait.”

The content of Showman remains a closely-guarded secret but Derren had revealed before the show: “The heart of the show is about remembering what’s important. Like how the very things that we find most isolating in life – our fears and difficulties – actually connect us. Framed with what I think will be some extraordinary demonstrations of my voodoo”.

So with this in mind, I was most intrigued as to what we were about to witness.

Well where do I start? We were taken on a journey from magic to mentalism, and back again.

The first trick had me feeling almost paralysed – unbelievable. And it just got better – we were all left wondering how what just happened, happened!

I am a serious non believer and was very sceptical but when my friend got pulled up into one of the performances, he seemed to know everything – I was automatically convinced!

His show was a mix between mind reader and mind bender. Not only is his work incredible but he is also a friendly, funny and interactive guy managing to bring the whole theatre together whilst seeming to make it an intimate experience.

The final illusion was spectacular and completely moving. I had tears in my eyes the whole section and was replaying it in my mind over and over the whole evening.

Fantastic, mind boggling and a powerful performance.

Words by Maddie Booth for Grapevine Birmingham