Indian street food and cocktail restaurant to open in Moseley

An eagerly anticipated Indian street food and cocktail restaurant has announced its opening date alongside a taster of what the menu has in store for its lucky customers.

Zindiya, which will be housed on Woodbridge Road in the heart of Moseley Village, will open its doors to customers on 26th January 2017 after an extensive refit of the former Luker’s Bakery.

The independent restaurant, which will also have a comprehensive cocktail menu designed by noted bar wizard Robert Wood from 40 St Pauls, The Wilderness and his newest venture, Smultronställe, had initially planned to open before Christmas but the owners, Ajay and Shivani Kenth, decided to move the date back after legal and building issues slowed the redevelopment down.

Talking about the delayed works, the couple remarked, “It was a disappointment
as we’ve had an overwhelming response in anticipation of Zindiya opening this year. We had everything in place, from chefs and staff to fixtures and fittings but unfortunately we have encountered issues well beyond our control despite our best efforts.”

Alongside the opening date, Zindiya have released a few teasing pictures and tempters of their menu which will include authentic Bhel Puri, a spicy snack sold on carts throughout India and Papri Chaat, a perfect blend of sweet and tangy flavours with creamy and crunchy textures traditionally prepared using dough wafers, chickpeas, potatoes, yoghurt and tamarind chutney.

All of their dishes are designed as sharers and small plates and are priced as such with the most expensive dish on the menu costing only £8.

Shivani and Ajay are also very excited to be bringing the tastes of the famous Paranthe Wali Gali in Delhi to the streets of Moseley. They’ll be serving fresh Indian flatbread with different fillings as a weekend treat.

In addition to this, Zindiya will be taking bookings for their Indian inspired afternoon tea which includes a selection of savoury bites and sweet delights such as sandwich pakoras and cardamom scones with masala tea and their chai infused prosecco, which features on the cocktail menu created by Robert Wood.

Commenting on the New Year opening, the couple who are originally from Moseley said,

January is a notoriously difficult month for anyone to open as people are still feeling the impact of Christmas on their pockets. We are more upbeat however as our food is served as small, tapas style plates, the same as you would get on the streets of India, and it allows people to share a few plates and bring down the cost, perfect for those who want something quality but affordable. That’s what you get in India and it was our dream to bring a bit of the Indian colour, vibrancy and value to Moseley.

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