Flamin’ Patties

Flamin’ Patties provide food lovers of Birmingham the quintessential burger experience. Established in 2018, Flamin’ Patties has served only fresh food to their customers, including some of the finest burgers, fries, hot dogs & wings the city has to offer. When eating at Flamin’ Patties you can always be sure to enjoy fresh food served by welcoming staff in a lively atmosphere.

Because We Believe In Fresh Food

BECAUSE WE BELIEVE IN FRESH FOOD’, is the restaurant’s motto and one of the many reasons for their excellent food & reviews. Every patty is minced in house and grilled with 100% fresh, quality beef. The restaurant guarantees you will never eat yesterday’s beef in today’s burger, which is made very clear from your first bite into any of their burgers. Despite the close attention to detail in every beef patty, Flamin’ Patties treat every other part of the burger with the same dedication and care. From the linseed buns that come fresh from local bakers, to their unlimited selection of in-house toppings that are sourced from local farms.

What A Burger Should Taste Like

At Flamin’ Patties every beef burger comes with two freshly cooked patties, which diners can fully customise to suit their needs. Choose from 16 different toppings to add to your burger for maximum satisfaction at no extra cost. Flamin’ Patties offer customers the chance to enjoy a burger exactly how they want it without the need of disassembling it to remove any unwanted extras. Your burger, your choice of toppings! Other signature burgers they provide include freshly seasoned fried & grilled chicken burgers, as well as 100% beef hot dogs & homemade falafel burgers for vegetarians.

All burgers are served with a side of hand-cut salted fries that are fried in peanut oil. Diners can upgrade to Peri Fries or the Flamin’ Patties speciality, Flamin’ Fries. Flamin’ Fries are hand-cut fries topped with melted cheese and jalapenos to give you that extra Flamin’ taste.

Chicken strips and wings are available, which can also be customised to your liking. Choose from Hot, BBQ or their homemade Flamin’ sauce to add to your chicken wings. Perfect for those who really enjoy the Flamin’ heat. Discover more from Flamin’ Patties including their refreshing mojitos and classic milkshakes here.

Flamin’ Experience

Fresh food is just one part of the Flamin’ experience, the friendliness and good humour of the Flamin’ team is another. Every team member is attentive to your needs, ensuring every customer is delivered a first-class experience. The Flamin’ team will go above and beyond for every customer throughout, making your experience ever more enjoyable.

Fresh Food. Attentive Staff. Vibrant Atmosphere.

Flamin’ Patties is more than just your average burger joint!


Flamin’ Patties review September 2020


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