Flamin’ Patties Ladypool Rd Review Sept 2020

Brum is home to some of the best burgers in the UK, that is a fact no one can argue with. From Original Patty Men to Indico‘s Paaji Burgers, BA-HA Vegan‘s King Kentucky Burgers and the delights on offer at Digbeth Dining Club.

The variety of burgers on offer in the city is second to none.

Usually I stumble across restaurants and bars myself, however there are an increasing number of venues who are now reaching out to websites such as Grapevine due to the option of exposure to our own social media following (over 17k local people and rising) and the fact we appear on page one of Google for search terms such as ‘Best Burgers in Birmingham’, ha!

One such place recently got in touch, ‘Flamin’ Patties‘, Est. 2018, are based on the infamous Ladypool Road. I had an invitation by email to head over and see what they were doing, so.. last Tuesday I did just that.

Classic Cheeseburger & Spicy Wings

I do not visit Ladypool Rd often these days. It was back in the 90s when the Balti Triangle was always part of a mid week night out, that I became familiar with the area – nice to see it still a busy friendly street. I actually decided to walk, from Five Ways to the Moseley Rd and up onto Ladypool as I felt like the exercise.

Upon entry to Flamin’ Patties one thing you notice immediately, it is based on a traditional American Diner, with modern design and attention to the Covid Crisis, with screens separating seating areas, distancing reminders on the floor and ample sanitzer – welcome reassurance.

I was greeted by Senait, who, although she was wearing a rather fancy mask, I could tell she was smiling and a warm professional welcome.

Senait explained the menu and inspiration behind Flamin’ Patties. She came across as genuine and passionate, clear that the main focus here is to simply make classic burgers to the best of their ability in a fresh healthy way.

Every patty is minced in house and grilled with 100% fresh, quality beef. From the linseed buns that come fresh from local bakers, to their unlimited selection of in-house toppings that are sourced from local farms.

There was zero gristle, and I watched as the mince was being ‘pattied’ thanks to the open plan nature of the kitchen, again another tick for me..

At Flamin’ Patties every beef burger comes with two freshly cooked patties, which diners can fully customise to suit their needs. Choose from 16 different toppings to add to your burger for maximum satisfaction at no extra cost. Other signature burgers they provide include freshly seasoned fried & grilled Chicken Burgers, as well as 100% beef Hot Dogs & homemade Falafel burgers for vegetarians.

As I was thirsty after my walk, I began with a Strawberry Mojito Mocktail. This immediately presented a good impression. From experience it is not easy to achieve a Mojito taste as delicious as this. It was absolutely sweet, fresh, refreshing, minty and I did not care about the lack of alcohol – my mind was transported back to fresh Mojitos of Puerto Pollensa’s Buddha Bar a few years ago, mmm (watch out for a future Flamin’ Patties somewhere else in the city with an alcohol license).

As the customers trickled in, and out, with various takeaways and sit-down meals, I could not help but notice how clean and professional this bar operates. Staff all smart, with their bespoke Flamin’ Patties shirts and caps. It is how I imagine the quality Burger Joints in the U.S. to work.

My choice of burger was.. the classic Cheeseburger. A prime beefburger topped with melted cheese, Algerian sauce, garlic mayo, onions and relish. I really can tell you that this was possibly the juiciest burger I have ever tried. I needed several napkins to clean up the mess but man it was worth it. There was zero gristle, and I watched as the mince was being ‘pattied’ thanks to the open plan nature of the kitchen, again another tick for me personally as I like to see how my food is prepared where possible.

The quality of beef was evident and the soft buns, mixed with the melted cheese provided a feast in itself. You won’t leave here hungry I can guarantee as the portions are very generous.

I then tucked into the Flamin’ Fries, hand cut and cooked in peanut oil with melted cheese drizzled over. They normally come with Jalapenos but opted without on this occasion. Again, there is no fuss here, just great quality tasty fries and the melted cheese was added perfection.

There was just about room in my belly for a sampler of the Chicken Wings. They normally come as 6 or 12 chicken wings but i had four, two Flamin’ and two Hot. Both succulent morsels of chicken cloaked in a fiery blanket of fierce flavour! Deffo goin’ back for the 12.

Big up to the Flamin’ Patties burger experience, if you love yer bergers best get to Flamin’ Patties for a flamin’ fill.. Oh, and great choice of soulful R&B tunes to help keep things on the down low!

Flamin’ Patties, 332 Ladypool Rd, Sparkbrook, Birmingham B12 8JY.


Words by Nick Byng for Grapevine Birmingham