Mazzy’s Music Box – Sept 2015

Welcome to Mazzy’s Music Box Monthly Round Up, each month I will tell you about some gigs I’ve been to, new releases, old favourites, a touch of gossip and interesting goings-on.


Last Thursday I went to a free gig at One Trick Pony Club in Moseley organised by the uber-cool ‘Killer Wave’. You can tell just from their posters (which are things of beauty) that they know where it’s at. The first band on was a new one, ‘The Terror Watts’ which featured former members of the sadly missed ‘Cedar House Band’, their sound was raw and visceral, perhaps still a bit rough round the edges, I’ll be looking out for their next live show, and so should you.

Heading up the night were rock n rollers ‘Rhino & The Ranters’, who are fast becoming one of my favourite bands of recent years. They walk the line (he he) somewhere between country, rockabilly and bluegrass. Rhino (Ryan) the frontman is bursting with energy and he has no problem getting the crowd pumped up and jigging in time. At one point one of the Ranters (Pete) jumps onto a table armed with washboard and everyone is jumping and swinging along. Rhino & The Ranters are certainly a band I loath to miss live, and it pains me deeply that I’ll be missing their headline gig at my local, The Hare & Hounds, on Saturday 26th September.


The geniuses behind the fantastic festival of wonder that is Swingamajig, also run their own record label, ‘Ragtime Records’. This month they have a fantastic new release from ‘Donjohnston’, ‘Virtuous Circle’. Donjohnston is known for jazzy swinging bass music and a high energy playing style, his latest release keeps this reputation strong. The first track ‘Ecstatic’ features Eugene The Cat and Trotfox and has more of an old-time swing feel about it, still with that big bass womp factor of course! ‘Light Fandango’ is a collaboration with Dephicit and is so infectious, it’s one of those tunes you’ll be humming for weeks!


This week has been an exciting time for me, I’m currently in London for a recording session at Abbey Road Studios with the band I manage, Jump The Shark. It was quite an experience being surrounded by equipment used by George Martin and The Beatles, Radiohead and so many more. The recording session went really well but although I am very excited about the new song, sadly I cannot yet share it with the world, watch this space as they say!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that President Obama has some mighty fine taste in music. Dan Finnemore is a member of three fantastic bands, one of which, Low Cut Connie, is based over in America, and although they’ve been smashing it over there, with coverage in Rolling Stone Magazine and all sorts, it was quite a shock for them to learn that they can count Barrack Obama as one of their fans!

He recently released his holiday playlist, and although it was not so much of surprise that the list included legendary worldwide artists such as Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley and Bob Dylan, it was quite a shock that relatively underground garage rock band, Low Cut Connie’s song ‘Boozaphilia’ had made the cut! Nice one Barrack!

Goings On

There is so much going on in September, for a fuller list of gigs and club nights, check out Nick Byng’s September guide Birmingham music guide Sept 2015.

But I’m not going to tell you about stuff you already know about, I want to hear about the unusual, underground and independent music events that are going on in and around Birmingham. This is just a few highlights and I’d love to hear about anything like this for future editions, so make sure you keep me in the loop 😉

This month you should most certainly have a look at these:

  • Sunday 6th September – The Moseley Record Fair @St Columba Church, Chantry Road, Moseley.
    One of the best local record fairs around, a wide variety of sellers and genres, whatever your budget you can pull a good haul here.
  • Sunday 6th September – The International Submarine Club @The Night Owl, Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth.
    A free psychedelic party held the first Sunday of every month from 4pm, vinyl only, cool as f*ck.
  • Tuesday 8th September – Useless Easters, Thee MVP’s & more @The Sunflower Lounge, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham.
    Another fab line up from Killer Wave, garage rock heaven. Set to be one of those ‘I was there’ moments.
  • Friday 11th September – Freestyle, ‘One Last Time’ @The Bull’s Head, Moseley.
    With The Bull’s Head being sold and turned into an eatery, this is one last chance to dance to the legendary tunes of the Freestyle DJ’s in their once weekly home. Soul, funk, hip hop, disco, Latin, reggae and anything in between.
  • Saturday 19th September – Dead Sea Skulls, MeMe Detroit, The Passion Bearers @Actress & Bishop, Jewellery Quarter
    If you want to see a band that really kick ass, Dead Sea Skulls are the one. MeMe Detroit’s dulcet tones compliment her catchy riff driven melodies and are the perfect warm-up for the sweat-a-thon that will ensue.
  • Saturday 19th September – Barnesy, The Broxton Hundred, Paradise Circus @The Sunflower Lounge, Smallbrook Queensway, Birmingham.
    If you’re a fan of Paul Weller, Billy Bragg and The Libertines then Barnesy’s heartfelt performances are not to be missed. A real talent and he’s showcasing new material too.
  • Thursday 24th September – The Kids Are Alright @The Night Owl, Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth
    A brand new weekly club night playing Mod, Soul, Ska, Reggae, 2Tone, Motown and more. Free entry for students & scooter clubs, £3 for everyone else. Launch night so should be good!
  • Saturday 26th September – Rhino & The Ranters @The Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath.
    Best band in Birmingham at the moment? You decide.

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