Myriam Bleau – Soft Revolvers at Printmakers Arms 19th May 2023

The first of two performances by the Canadian composer Myriam Bleau, Soft Revolvers aims to immerse the audience in the music by literally showing us the link between the artist and the instrument.

Bleau “plays” light-up LED spinning tops like traditional DJ turntables, and pre-programmed beats and bleeps match the movement and the manipulation of the tops.

Luckily, there are overhead camera angles projected onto the backdrop so you’re able to marvel and attempt to get your head around how the sound is being created and just how intricate and exact the whole process is.

In contrast to her other performance Unsculpt, the turntables bring out more of a hip hop and EDM vibe than the future soundscapes. Expect scratching, spinback and maybe even some shape-throwing.

Friday 19th May, 2023

Printmakers Arms | 20:00 – 20:30