Opus Restaurant Carlingford rock oysters offer!

Opus Restaurant are offering a dozen complimentary Carlingford rock oysters with every bottle of champagne purchased
on Fridays and Saturdays, lunch and dinner.

(half dozen oysters with every half bottle of champagne)
Start your weekend off with our rockin’ oyster offer this spring & early summer.
For larger groups, booking essential.
0121 200 2323

As the largest purveyors of oysters in Birmingham, we have been buying our delicious rock oysters from the Louet-Feisser family oyster farm in Carlingford, Ireland, since the day we opened in 2005.

Charm from Carlingford Oysters says’ ‘It takes us over three years to grow a Carlingford Oyster to market size. In Carlingford Lough we have a huge exchange of water with each tide which provides the nutrients on which the oysters feed. And the freshwater flowing in from the mountain sides north and south of the Lough give our Carlingford Oysters a very rich and distinctive flavour.

Next time you try one of our Carlingford Oysters look out for the sweet slightly nutty flavour followed by a slight salty and lingering after taste. The freshwater from the mountains really does make a difference to the flavour, adding a zesty and bright, minerally taste’.

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