Ronnie Wood takes the stage with Private Collection

After launching the concept of The Private Collection last April, Ronnie Wood returns to the art scene with a selection of his most rare and popular works to make up the second release in this series.

From the 21st January to 5th February, The Private Collection will be displayed in Castle Fine Art, ICC to be enjoyed and bought by the public. Born into a musical and artistic family in Middlesex in the 1940s, it seems unsurprising that Ronnie Wood has always pursued these talents. His formal education at Ealing College of Art, London and a lengthy music career have come together with works that demonstrate these passions.

In his own words, Ronnie Wood “applies musical theory to [his] art. [He] builds limited edition, silk screen prints in much the same way as studio overdubs, the more defined ones are things that stand out in the mix.”

This is very true to the focus of The Private Collection, with many personalities depicted from his inner circle, his own musical idols or mentors. The artist and the musician are without doubt inseparable, with Ronnie’s background and experience as both a rock music icon and a keen artist coming through.

Within this second release, two of his Now, Then and Always collection from 2009 will be displayed. These will be ‘I Gotta See’, which depicts the Guns ‘N’ Roses guitarist Slash and ‘Foxy Jimi’, presenting Wood’s one time flatmate, Jimi Hendrix.

The large scale serigraph (silk screen) named Please Allow Me, of The Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger is also to make a return. Originally released in 2009 and limited to just 175 copies, this is one of his rarest works to date with each print containing over 20 colour applications from the press.

In addition to the printed works, The Private Collection will include two rare charcoal etchings, which were released in 2002 with only 120 editions. The Study for Mick and Study for Keith are set to be available for purchase for the first time, and are stark examples of both Wood’s artistic abilities, but also his long-standing connections with music, which are continuously topical in his inspiration.

The rarity of Ronnie Wood’s art is matched only by the fact that every detail of this collection has been executed to the finest standard, from the mount it is placed on, to the grade of the paper stock.

Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Managing Director of Washington Green Fine Art Group Ltd, said:

The original release of The Private Collection was a pivotal factor in Ronnie Wood’s artistic career, with some of his most popular works being continuously admired and sought after. There is a true sense of eclecticism in this exhibition, from the materials used to the icons depicted, yet all master the connection between art and music.

Prices start from £795

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