The Great Indoors – 5 Tips For Lockdown Legends

With most of us still experiencing some sort of lockdown, the run up to Christmas and beyond could be a bit of a drag – and even more so if you’re stuck indoors with the family.

But if you’ve already climbed the equivalent of Everest on your staircase, completed that 10,000 word jigsaw, learned Welsh and become an ordained minister in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, is there anything left to entertain yourself?

If you’re struggling to embrace the great indoors, take a look at the following five tips for lockdown legends.

  1. Music

If you’re a music fan missing live gigs, there are a few ways you can still get your musical fix. For instance, vinyl addicts can still pop into Brum’s own Ignite Record Store and dig in the crates for rare grooves in several great genres, Brum Radio is always worth listening to and Broken Record Podcast has awesome archive interviews with everyone from Nile Rogers to the Beastie Boys and beyond.

  1. Movies

This is a great time to catch up with new, nearly new and classic movies on online streaming services and annoy your kids or younger siblings by showing them exactly what was so special about those 80s or 90s blockbusters you keep banging on about. Need some inspiration? You can now watch Infernal Affairs and The Bounty on Netflix, or Days of Heaven and House on Haunted Hill on Amazon Prime.

  1. Education

Whether they’re learning at school for the entire academic year this time around or spending some of the time working remotely at home, your kids might need a little help topping up their educational endeavours after such a tumultuous time. While physical tutors visiting your home is likely to remain tricky, Teachers To Your Home can provide premium online sessions from fully qualitied teachers for all school age qualifications.

  1. Exercise

Getting bored by the usual celeb workouts on YouTube? If you like to get your groove on, why not tune into the music channels on your TV and throw some shapes to tunes old and new? 30 minutes of disco dancing burns 205 calories (according to Harvard Medical school) so as well as making you feel good, it also keeps you in trim. Stick on those old school tunes, turn up the volume and impress your family with The Running Man and other marvellous moves – you won’t regret it!

  1. Mindfulness

Mental Health is just as important as physical health and being cooped up indoors can play havoc with your mood. However, you can keep yourself feeling psychologically healthy with mindfulness and meditation sessions based on breathing and visualisation exercises and they only take a few minutes a day. To get started, listen to these meditation sessions from the Wu Tang Clan’s Rza.

Follow these five tips and you’ll have earned your crown as a lockdown legend – you can thank us later!