The Ideal Qualities and Features To Look For When Buying A New Toilet

Your toilet is undoubtedly one of the most important items in your home. It might be as beautiful and as new but if it’s not water-efficient and has no efficient flushing system, then you probably haven’t gotten it right yet. A good toilet should help you conserve water while generating sufficient power to clean up your bowl in a single flush. These are the ideal qualities and features to look for when buying a new toilet:

The Flush System

It should be clear to you that your toilet is attached to your sewer system and by flushing it, your toilet should clear everything in your bowl at a single flush. A good flush system is reasonably noisy too. Toilet specialists at Toiletable recommend that you read more to understand whether you need a single flush system or a dual flush system. Check the flushing power of your flush system as this can define its effectiveness. A dual flush toilet system is good enough as it can allow you to select a partial flush when you want to flush away liquids and select a full flush for solid wastes. This option can help you conserve water. You can also opt for pressure-assisted flushing systems although such systems use a lot of water and are quite expensive.

The Bowl Design

Choose a bowl design that can give you maximum comfort. If you can get a bowl that uses gravity to wash down waste, the better as you can reduce your chances of toilet blockages. Toilet bowls that use siphoning mechanisms are also unique as they can allow you to channel air into your bowl via the sewage system so that you can easily flush down your water through the sewage pipe. This siphoning yields less noise and cleans your toilet bowl completely lowering its chances of clogging.

Toilet Design

Think about your knees, hips, and your back when you are choosing the design of your toilet. Also if your bathroom is squeezed, a round-shaped toilet can better fit into your space. Likewise, if your bathroom space is large enough, you can opt for an elongated toilet. If you want it fancier, you can ask for a customized toilet design to suit your height and desirable flushing mechanism. Ordering for a customized toilet design can help you decide on the rim design you want, the flush valve types, and the trap way size besides allowing you to choose the general mechanical design of the toilet bowl. Remember if you want a toilet with a faster and more efficient flushing system, then you should consider a large tray size. Your toilet bowl height should have the standard measure of at least 15 inches height from the floor. The bowls can also be suitable if they are 17inches high. If you have a person living with a disability, choose toilets that comply with the disability act of your respective country.

Water-Saving Features

A good toilet can help you save some water. Choose toilets that have a water sense certification. Go for high-efficiency toilets that can only use 1.28 gallons of water or less for every flush. Avoid going for conventional toilets as most of them use 1.6 gallons per flush so you can imagine how much water you can use in a day. You don’t want to incur extra water costs because your toilet is not water-efficient. With this in mind, a low-flow macerating toilet is the best option. Not only does it save water and money, but it also prevents clogging because of the macerating pump that breaks down solid and semi-solid materials that you flush down the toilet.

Toilet Accessories

You can choose a one-piece toilet although you must maintain high levels of cleanliness as these types of toilets often accumulate dust between the bowl and the tank. As for two-piece toilets, they are cheaper and easy to install compared to one-piece toilets. They both serve the same purpose so choose one that suits your budget and one that you can find more convenient for your household. As for valves, consider toilets that have not less than three-inch flush valves as they tend to be more efficient. Choose a toilet that has a rough-in dimension that is reasonable. Choose a less noisy toilet. You don’t have to announce to everyone in your leaving area and kitchen that you are using the bathroom. You can also choose a toilet that has your preferred exotic color although most toilets have the traditional white color. You can have yours customized to your color of interest. Choose a toilet whose water lines use stainless steel. This steel should also be flexible to make it easy for you to operate it. For your shut-off valve, choose between a solder connection and a compression connection if your existing connection can accommodate either. However, if your system has iron pipes, it might be difficult for you to choose these common connections. Consult your plumber to understand how you can go about such a scenario.

A good toilet has a quality flush system, one that produces less noise when flushed, one that has water-saving features, and one that is durable and has a comfortable bowl design. Choose one that meets these criteria provided your budget can accommodate it.