The OFFICIAL Brum Radio A List with Pete Steel – 30 October

Saturday at 2pm can only mean one thing… it’s the OFFICIAL Brum Radio A-List

Pete Steel makes your hair stand on end this spooky weekend with lots of new names and debut singles, including:

Point A

Kapes A Witness featuring Zen Finn



Michael Bird with Paal Singh and Buddy Analogue

NeOne The Wonderer


The Vanilla Pods

PLUS a track from our Featured Album/EP by BIGHEADMODE and a Lions of Dissent B-side. And last but not least Brum Radio’s new Track of the Week.

You can catch the A-List every Saturday between 2pm and 3pm (UK Time) and it’s repeated Mondays between 7pm and 8pm. Listen to the A List Live or Again at the Brum Radio website here

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